Friday, December 28, 2012

The High Fructose Adventures Of The Annoying Orange

Note: I do not own The Annoying Orange or any of the images and videos you see here I do however own this review.


This should pretty much sum up how eager I am to review this which is why this is going to be quick. What has happened to entertainment today? Is this what television has become? Have people become so uncreative that they are willing to turn obnoxious web series into shows to be aired to the public?

For those who were lucky enough not to run into this abomination on Youtube or anywhere on the Internet this is The Annoying Orange a web series that first began on 2009 and has been ongoing since. Then some wise guy thought this would be a great idea for a kids show and on June 11th of last year this fucking show aired.

Here is one episode of the web series so you get a nice example of what the show offers for "comedy". Also keep in mind that this what happens during every single episode of the original show. Oh yes this wont get repetitive in the slightest!!!

Yeah now imagine that turned into a TV series an-wait....

The show is just a merciless onslaught of puns and fruit get sliced and diced. I swear if I meet the guy who green lighted this I'm going to break his face.

Speaking of faces just look the that expression on the orange there. Its like that of mass murderer. And the laugh that fucking laugh. I'm going to be hearing that in my nightmares for days to come!

I'm gonna juice this little fucker!

I don't care if its for kids! That's not an excuse! Is this honestly the best that they could come up with for a children's show? Really?  Talking fruit?  Oh yeah that original never say any show with talking fruit before my mind is utterly blown *Sarcasm*.

Thankfully I'm not alone in this as the show and the web series were both panned by a number of people. Ned Hepburn from "Pass The Mustard" called the series "Pure, pure unfunny high concentrated in droplet form....". dubbed it "idiotic" and "creepy" one person saying  "I lasted only 15 seconds".  The High Fructose Adventures has taken a nice beating from viewers now currently with a score of  3.1 on IMDb. Oddly enough the show was been nominated for a 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Award. If you are wondering how I feel about that please refer back to the previous paragraph above.

I can't take anymore of this so I'm going to wrap it up quickly here before I stab myself in the heart with a pencil. The High Fructose Adventures Of The Annoying Orange is awful. Its not clever or creative. Its creepy, its characters are obnoxious as hell, and worst of all its not funny!

Until next time my dear audience. Take care and I will see you next time on the next review here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Flash Game Madness: Guild Dungeons

I love games regardless of what type they are. Card games, tabletop games, video games, and even flash games like the topic of today's article: Guild Dungeons. When I saw this game on New Grounds it quickly caught my interest. Build your own city and training a guild of adventurers to conquer deadly dungeons that sounds awesome right? Well the idea does what we got here is honestly a mixed bag.
When you start the game the first thing you see is an empty landscape at the top of the screen and on the bottom a list of the following options.
Buildings: Constructing buildings to expand your economy and fighting force.
Leaders: These are the guys who will lead you adventurers to their certain doom.
Troops: Your selection of Red Shirts
Research: Here you can create tools and items to help your soldiers with their quests.
Crafting: Make Weapons and armor.
Trade: Oh we'll get to this soon.
Magic: Mix different elements to create spells.
Map: This is where you select missions.
Statistics: Pretty much reminds you how many times you've failed.
All this here is what you work with throughout the game. You build, gather resources, create units, send units out to die god awful deaths, get loot, and then rinse and repeat.

Straight foreward but what could have been a fun simple game of strategy and dungeon crawling is nothing more than a time consuming clicking fest. To be fair though it was the creators first attempt but even then the product that we got is at best average and at worst mediocre.

The first problem a player will run into while playing Guild Dungeons is the lack of any sort of save feature. The creator stated that he/she did not know how to handle a save file for the game due to its size however you receive gold, silver, stone, and wood equal to the amount of exp that you had earned last session the downside to this is that you have to build your city from scratch which is a bloody pain in the ass.

When you get started you'll have to start increasing your cities population and get some industry going. It takes awhile for things to pick up so you will find yourself waiting alot before you can afford to buy a certain building or unit. However once you get rolling you'll be pumping out armies before you know it.

When it comes to what soldiers are best suited for what quest? Who is the best leader? What weapons and equipment will keep your troops alive? Its never really made clear. Certain quest will give you a summary of the location on the map, a difficulty, and even allows you to send a scout to give you hints as to how you should deal with a certain dungeon. Unfortunately they often leave out certain details. One time I decided to take on the the lair of a black dragon so I sent a scout out and what I got was that the place would involve alot of climbing, tight spaces, no food or water, evil lizards servants, and a butt load of pain. So I gave my men rations and water skins to combat hunger and dehydration. Rope for climbing plus I equipped the leader with a special type of armor design for dealing with caves and caverns. I gave them potions and medicine kits and lanterns as well. Then I bought alot of soldiers and I mean alot.

Once I felt satisfied with what I put together I sent my army out on its heroic quest and...I got my ass handed to me. Apparently I didn't send enough ranged units so my army got roasted by small flying drakes that my so called scout failed to fucking mention. So I tried again with twice as troops as I had sent out before and equipped the leader with a special throwing ax that does extra damage to drakes and fire proof armor specially designed to deal with drakes. So I tried again and like last time the same bloody results. That's another problem with this game its never really clear on what you need to do or your chances of succeeding. So it pretty much turns into a time consuming game of trial and error.

Gathering resources is not really all that difficult you just need a high population, lots of lumber mills, and a bunch of pig farms. Gold and silver is easily acquired through taxes the more people that live in your city the more gold you will get. The only three resources that are annoying to get are the mushrooms, gems, and stone. You can get stone by building a mine but unlike the lumber mills and the pig farms you can only build ONE mine which only produces 2 pieces of stone every few seconds. This wouldn't be so bad if the Keep a building which allows to create the strongest units in the game didn't cost 5000 pieces of stone to make!

The gems and the mushrooms are whole nother ball game. You need mushrooms to build spellcasters and gems to build powerful weapons and armor in addition to creating Sun Clerics units that can both fight and heal your other units. You cant generate them through any sort of industry so you usually need to send out parties to dungeons to find these and most of the time you don't hell your lucky if you find one shroom at all. This brings us to the next part of this review: The Dungeons the main focus of the game.

There are a total of 20 dungeons each more difficult than the last. They don't need to be done in any order hell they don't need to completed at all save for the last one that you need to do to win the game and honestly why would you? The rewards you earn for beating a dungeon are complete garbage they are not worth the resources or troops its practically insulting to the players. For example imagine you are playing a session of D&D(Dungeons & Dragons) and you and buddies are getting ready to tackle the lair of a terrible villain. You have an inventory of kickass weapons, magics items, tons of potions, and you lucky D8. After a grueling three hours you make it to the treasure trove. You have lost several of your party members got butchered and the remaining ones are on your last legs. You finally open the chest only to finds a piece of moldy cheese and three gold coins...That s how this game rewards you for your efforts.

Like games such as Civilization once in awhile a event will occur. They can be both beneficial or could curt your city. The problem is neither of these has any big impact.Got zombies eating your townsfolk? Bam build a graveyard problem solved! Got a rat problem? Ha just build a falcon's nest and a piper's place. Once you build the right building to counteract the problems plaguing your town they will never happen again. The most deadly thing is not any sort of monster or enemy army but blood ticks which always seem to have a habit of killing 5 of my townsfolk.

Out of all the games I have played this has got to be the most quite. There is no music or sound for the most part although every once in awhile you'll hear a ching-ching sound every time your town pays taxes(How thrilling). Aside from that its dead silent with the only sound of you mouse constantly clicking only to get blasted out of your seat by a booing or cheering sound whenever some little event happens.

Overall the game is not bad there is potential in this game but its up to its creator to see those possibilities become a reality. However there has not been an update since last year and I have not heard anything that wold suggest that a reboot or sequel will ever happen. Oh well only time will tell I guess. Until next time ladies and gentlemen!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hey people its Reeler!

Its been awhile hasn't it? Well people that's what happens when technology craps out on you...

My computer died and I had to send it out to be repaired and it took longer than expected so because of that I have not had the chance to post any reviews.

However now that I have my trusty laptop back we can get back on track so ladies and gentlemen stay tuned for all new reviews and movie updates here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer.

Monday, October 22, 2012



Hello again and welcome to another Halloween special here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer today we take a look the cult classic film Candyman. Based on The Forbidden a short story by Clive Baker. This flick tells the gruesome story about a vengeful spirit with a hook for a hand called Candyman who can be summoned to our world by saying his names five times while looking into a mirror(which is very similar to the legend of Bloody Mary). A young skeptic named Helen however believe this entity to nothing but a urban legend but she will soon learn that he is all to real...

This movie rules period! At first I wasn't very certain about this movie considering its title but one day I finally sat down and gave it a chance and you know what I'm glad I did.


The first things that really stand out is the freaky music which is both creepy and hauntingly beautiful thanks to composer Philip Glass who sets the mood for the movie and the setting which takes place mostly in the projects of Cabrini Green which serve as an interesting stage for this bloody tale. The performances of the leads are amazing especially Tony Todd who brings the title character to life using his deep voice to to chill the bones of the audience right to the core. Virginia Madsen who plays Helen does a great job of convincing of portraying an at first confident young woman who is suddenly plunged into a spiral of murder and madness. There is some lovely gore with people getting "split from groin to gullet" which probably hurts like hell if I may add so fans of blood and guts rejoice!

The film was well received when it was released and had spawned two sequels Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman: Day of the Dead both with Todd reprising his role although the quality of these films deteriorated with each. The role of Candyman helped Tony Todd gain the status he has today in the horror community and film in general. I had heard that there is the chance of a fourth film which will be set in New Zealand at an all girls college whether it will ever be made is unknown as of now but we can only hope.

So it goes without saying that I strongly recommend that you check this film out because once you start watching it your gonna be hooked till the end credits.

Thank you for reading stay tuned next time as we looked at a film filled with plastic terror titled Pin. Till next time everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Before we look at anything particularly good this October I felt that it was best to start from the bottom. Today's movie is Playroom a horror film from 1990 directed by Manny Coto who was the executive producer of the final season of Star Trek Enterprise and ha directed a number of films one being Dr.Giggles. Here we look at one of Coto's lost works and for good reason.

If there were any movies that I could have chosen for my Lost and Forgotten articles this would have definitely been one of them. I've done my best to scrounge what little info I could find on this thing but it looks like even the Internet forgot it even exist. I went on on few sites here and there and managed to find a few reviews so I'm glad I'm not the only one who has heard about this movie. I found a wikipedia page for it but it was practically skin and bones and it's Imdb page isn't much better either. I guess it doesn't help that the movie is not only available on VHS but out of print as well making a pain in the ass to find. As of 2012 there has not been a DVD release of this movie and I don't think there will be. Someone uploaded the entire movie onto Youtube but it has since been taken down so all one can really find i the trailer which is rather dull(See Below).


So whats the story? A young archaeologist named Chris played Christopher McDonald(why do I get the feeling the name is a intended joke?) is haunted by his past remembering the night when his entire family was murdered during a dig. Determined to face his demons and complete his father's work he heads back to the ruins with his girlfriend, a photographer who is often drunk, and some chick who is a psychic or some shit. Anyways we find out that they are searching for the tomb of an ancient prince who had constructed a twisted "playroom" somewhere deep within the ruins somewhere. While digging Chris starts having illusions of his imaginary friend who keeps pestering him which slowly eats away at his sanity. Idiocy ensues...

The basis for this story sounds like an interesting idea for psychological horror right? Well it was but the direction and the performances of its actors botch the whole thing to hell. The first problem as I had just mentioned is the acting which ranges from being half-assed to absolutely over the fucking top. The biggest offender is the male lead McDonald who doesn't come off as scary when he snaps but just goofy.

For a movie about a torture chamber it really isn't all that bloody really. The only gooey moments is when one guy gets a pick axe to the gut and another gets his head shot off at the neck. The effects for the undead prince are decent enough even if the bony bastard looked like someone stuck a puppet on a stick.

The movie is not scary far from it as most of the characters meet their ends due to their stupidity and any sort of common sense not to mention the lack any tension or menace from both its antagonists and the setting. Simply put if your looking for a scare please do yourself a favor and skip this.

I had owned this movie on VHS for a long time now but for some strange and mysterious reason it vanished whether into the dusty corners of my home or was swept away by the unstoppable power of time either way its probably for the best.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Evil Dead Remake!

Note: I do not own The Evil Dead or any of the images or videos you see here.

Hey everyone I have some BIG news to share with all today. While looking through Youtube I came upon the official trailer of the upcoming remake of the Evil Dead and it looks AWESOME. I heard the rumors and was like many skeptical of whether or not this could be pulled off well considering that  many of the remakes of classic horror films have felt flat on their faces. The video is a bootleg but I saw enough to know a good gory film when I see one. Its nice to know that both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell are both on board with this so relax folks its in good hands.

Bruce Campbell will not be reprising his role as Ash or be in the movie at all as he admits he is getting a little to old for the part. The characters will be played a young cast of mostly newcomers but I have confidence in their abilities especially since the guys behind the original have their backs.

It terms of special effects well see above that's one of the deadites from the movie and wow doesn't that look freaky. It was stated that there would be no CGI involved and most of the effects will be done using makeup and practical techniques.

Here is the bootleg trailer

I don't know about the rest of you but I cant wait to see this!

The Evil Dead is scheduled to be release next year in April on the 12th.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Movie News From Reeler

File:Frankenweenie (2012 film) poster.jpg

Hello everyone Reeler here with more news and updates here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer. Last Sunday I went down to the theater to see a little film called Frakenweenie an animated film directed by Tim Burton which is a remake of his old film from 1984 of the same name. It tells the story about boy and his dog but one day the dog is ran over and the grief stricken kid decides to use the power of science to bring his pal back from the dead.

Like Corpse Bride the animation style is stop motion animation along with other visual effects but this time the movie is completely black and white like the short film was which also pays homage to the monster movies back in the day "Frankenstein" obviously being one of them. While the animation does give the film an sort of Gothic look the facial expressions of many of the character look a tad bit stiff as if they all just had botox injections.

The plot is very straight forward: Dog dies, kid brings said dog back to life, hilarity ensues. Burton however tries to expand it in order to meet the standard running of a feature length film. If one was to take out what was added the movie would be alot shorter but here its a welcomed addition to this tail(see what I did there?). In terms of the characters there isn't alot to say. There are dozens of strange individuals but we never really take the time to get to know any of them as each of them as each defined by a single character trait; Victor is a genius who loves his dog, Bob is the fat kid, Edgar is essentially Igor, and the Weird Girl is well weird.

I went to see this in 3D which compared to other animated films is actually pretty good. However as I just said the movie is not that long with a running time of an hour and twenty minutes which is pretty damn short. So the price for a 3D show wouldn't be such a wise idea as the experience would be over as it had begun while leaving you $15 dollars shorter.

So is Frakenweenie a good movie? Yes its nothing groundbreaking or something you'll go to the theaters to see again but still a fun movie. Should you go to the theaters to see it? If I were you I would honestly just see it in 2D and save yourself some money.

So folks head to your local theater and see Frakenweenie this October! You'll wag your tail right off!

Thursday, October 4, 2012



Note: I do not own Hobgoblins or any of the images you see here. I do however claim ownership of this review.

Where do I begin? I have no clue… I am truly lost for words on this. I have seen many movies in my lifetime. There are those that captivated and thrilled me and became precious memories I hold dear to me to this day. Then there are the films that leave me with my wrist bandaged and make me wake up screaming in the middle of the night completely covered in sweat asking myself “Why?!”. “Hobgoblins” is one of those.

I am talking about a movie so horrifying and mind numbingly bad that very few who view it ever live to speak of its evil. A movie so wretched that it makes other cinematic turds like “Howard the Duck” and “Garbage Pail Kids” seem more credible and believable. And believe me when I say this that is no where near an easy task.

Plot( I use the term loosely) revolves around a group of idiot teenagers who have a run in with a pack of Gremlin rejects that can grant your very deepest desire which will kill you in the end.

So, my dear reader, let us dive in to a realm of utter madness. A place that both the
bravest movie buffs and critics fear to tread and even if they did they may never return.

Our film begins as we see an elderly security guard making his way towards an old warehouse. He approaches another younger fellow guard named Dennis(there should be no reason to mention the guy’s name since he will dead in few minutes) who is lounging while blasting his eardrums with music whose artists will not be mentioned or credited in order to protect their dignity.

The old guard, named McCreedy(Jeffrey Culver) reprimands Dennis for missing a phone call and for being a lazy idiot then tells him its time to do their rounds. So they walk around a little and have some unimportant chit-chat until Dennis notices a room at the end of the hall where the plot device is most likely in.

Dennis asks the old guy what’s in there to which McCreedy responds by saying that there nothing in there and that it would be a waste of time to even bother. However convenient bad timing occurs when MacCreedy gets a call from some guy who we will never see or hear from again who wants him to come down so he can have a word with him. McCreedy tells his partner to finish up his patrol and not to go into that room which of course he is going to since whenever idiot characters like him hear the words “Not to”, “Don’t”, or “Do not” its basically translates to “Go on I dare you”.

 So not surprisingly Dennis goes to take a look. Inside the room he comes across a large bank vault surrounded by a steel bared cell which surprisingly isn’t locked. He goes in and opens the vault which two isn’t locked. Inside the vault there appears to be a green fog or steam from a fart that was trapped in there for a long time We then hear some odd growling which sounds like a starved and rabid Chihuahua as Dennis continues looking around the vault. He suddenly walks on to a stage with a microphone, a drum set, spotlights and all(don’t look at me I didn’t write it). The guy doesn’t question why its there as he hears the cheers of an invisible crowd (Most likely they couldn’t convince anyone to appear as extras for even a moment and I couldn’t blame any of them).

Dennis starts dancing around pretending that he is performing(in both senses) when suddenly and unconvincingly he falls off the edge of the stage. We then cut back to MacCreedy who quickly rushes upstairs to the vault room as if he knew the idiot was in there. His gut-feeling turned out to be right as we find Dennis lying dead from a three foot fall covered in blood or what looks to be gravy. Horrified MacCreedy rushes out and closes the vault this time actually locking it! Then we get the opening credits which unfortunately are not the closing credits. (At this point the unfortunate audience members are running for the exit with arms flailing in the air screaming like banshees).

In our next scene we see MacCreedy talking to his new recruit Kevin played by Tom Bartlett. MacCreedy gives Kevin the details about his new job and Kevin responds by sucking up to him. So Kevin is given the low down of the number one most important thing he is not suppose to do by MacCreedy which we all know he is going to screw up on otherwise there would be no plot and with no plot the movie would end sooner(Damn you Kevin! Damn you!). Well there’s no point crying about it now so lets move on.

So now we get to meet the rest of our “lovable” cast. We have Kevin’s girlfriend Amy, a snobby, sexually repressed little #$%&# who treats Kevin like dirt for not living up to her standards. There is the nerd Kyle who is more of a wimp than Kevin. Then there are Daphne and Nick two obnoxious sex crazed loved birds who will be the bane of my existence through out the film but all these characters have a little special place in my heart in that category.

Nick who has returned from Army camp starts bragging about his hand to hand combat skills and Kevin feeling annoyed and jealous about the topic wants to change the subject . Amy berates Kevin for not taking what Nick is saying seriously saying he might actually learn something and belittles him by comparing his job at the ware house to Nick’s service in the military. Every word that comes from this character’s mouth throughout this feels like having an ice pick jabbed under everyone of my toe nails there seems to be nothing but whiny complaints and acid soaked insults in her dialogue sheesh!

Nick then offers Kevin to teach him some hand-to-hand combat skills and despite Kevin’s protest everyone else takes it as a yes and they head outside. The two then take their positions on the lawn as the battle of movie history gets underway.

In this corner we have wimpy Kevin! His weapon of choice will be a garden hoe! And in this corner meathead Nick wielding a rather deadly grass roller! Fighters ready?Lets get ready to rumble!         ヽ(`Д´)ノ

So the two start going at it in probably one of the most poorly choreographed fight scenes I have ever had to sit through. I’m not kidding here! The two repeat the same moves again and again and again and again. If that wasn’t bad enough the whole thing last for three or four bloody minutes! Kevin gets his ass handed to him big time getting knocked down three times before the fight is finally over(seriously by the second time if I were him I would try my luck with a weed wacker or just bring out the power motor!).

So while Kevin rolls in the dirt clutching his gut Nick takes Daphne into his van and start having sex. No joke! You can even see the van the background rocking back and forth. Even though he lost I’m sure Kevin’s soft hearted, supportive girlfriend can give him some comforting words to lift his spirits! “You know you really embarrassed me?”-Amy. Um never mind actually. At this point in the movie I’m anxiously looking at my watch in hope that the Hobgoblins will show up and savagely chew these numb skulls’ heads off at the neck!

In the next scene we are at the warehouse right back where we started as we see Kevin and MacCreedy getting ready for the long nightshift ahead of them. You know as we watch this scene I can’t help but feel a foreboding sense of déjà vu. Oh hell please don’t tell me we’re trapped in some parallel world where the past is forced repeats itself everyday without end thus meaning I have to watch these same scenes for all eternity! Ok no that’s plane silly but believe it’d be a better alternative then having to sit through the completely incomprehensible and idiotic mayhem that is soon to come.

As Kevin ask for advice on how to please Amy(No innuendo intended) MacCreedy sees a suspicious looking man trying to sneak into the warehouse on the security camera which looks more like their watching an old black and white silent film. MacCreedy tells Kevin to stay at the guard post so he can provide back up if needed as he takes off to confront the burglar. He does as well as you’d expect him to do and gets himself captured with Kevin being the only person that can save him(Sorry old timer its been nice knowing you).

Kevin confronts the robber and actually manages to scare him off with the gun and he goes after him. While chasing him Kevin comes across the vault and believes that the crook is hiding inside(guess what happens next).

As expected the Hobgoblins get out and now its up to our dumbass of a hero and an elderly security guard with a glass hip to stop them...Not liking our chances.

You guys wanna see our hobgoblins? Well look below and feast your eyes on the face of fear itself!


Not really scary huh? Well it doesn't help that the fucking things look like moldy sock puppets. Damn it the killer carpet monster from the Creeping Terror was more life like than this!

So in the next scene we have Amy, Kyle, and Daphene dancing to some crappy 80's music with the Hobgoblins watching them intently(Never a good sign).

Kyle goes outside and runs into a mysterious hottie who invites him for a little fun. He doesn't question the strange appearance of this women and only knowing her for less than a minute drives out to a lookout point to bang(Idiot).


                                                    SHE-HULK MAAAAAD!

Things seem to be going smoothly when suddenly the chick tries to push the vehicle of the cliff. We are unfortunate however as Kevin comes to the rescue(DAMN IT KEVIN!). So with their combined might and dumb luck they manage to kill the hobgoblin in a fight scene that somehow managed to top the "garden tool duel".

The hobgoblins spend a bit of time fucking around with the cast before awaking Amy's own fantasy which is to become a stripper....The fuck?!?

Our heroes go to the club where Amy is at and despite having some trouble with a bouncer named Roadrash they mange to get in. Before we get to the finale we are subjected to several minutes of this club's shitty show and Amy strip teasing(Its not as good a it sounds) before Kevin rushes towards the stage to save her. And then chaos ensues big time!
The hobgoblins show up and this time decide to play with out military meathead causing him to believe that he is still in the service leading a dangerous raid while all around him his friends and the patrons are trying to kill the obnoxious green hand puppets. Nick’s commanding officer then suddenly tosses a hand grenade at him and it explodes seemingly killing him.

                                   And There Was Much Rejoicing!

Kevin destroys the hobgoblins controlling and Amy and then fights the burglar(who for some unknown reason decides to show up) and emerges victories proving to his shallow girlfriend that he is isn't a pansy ass. However it turns out that its not over yet as the burglar pulls out a gun ready to blow off Kevin's empty head(Fingers crossed!). But MacCready saves the day(Crap... >_>) and shoots the bad guy down. Well the hobgoblins decide to book it back to the vault not knowing that the old man had rigged the places with explosives and blows them to hell and back.

The day is saved, Amy is a bit less of a prude, Kevin is a hero, and the only good news in this entire thing is that the hobgoblins managed to kill Nick(Although I was hoping for all of them to bite the dust but oh well...) so I guess it wasn-

He is alive...The guy threw himself on a live freaken grenade...and he is somehow nearly unscathed....

FUCK THIS MOVIE!!!! I'm so glad to be finally done with this my god never before has a movie angered me this much before and what makes it all the more worse is that Rick Loane the film's director made a sequel and yes at some point we'll sit down and have a look at that one as well but for the moment I'm going to take a break and have a cold one(I seriously need it). Stay tuned this month for all new reviews as we tackle the best and the worst of the Horror genre. See you guys next time.

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile I've been busy with classes this semester so its been conflicting with my writing but I promise I will try to get new articles up as often as I can.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

SD Gundam Force

Note: I do not own SD Gundam Force or any of the images and videos you see here.

Yeah this going to be a bitch... (・へ・)

Behold ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! This is a prime example of franchise mangling! Here today we look at a spinoff of the popular Gundam franchise known as SD Gundam Force which aired in the year 2004. Now take a good long look at the video above. I mean look at it! Damn it who thought this was a good idea?!?

Yes this is a character from the series. Let that sink in for a moment
Now I'm sure there a few of you that will actually like this show. If so...good for you. However to many especially the fanbase this an accursed series that should be buried beneath the muddy earth for the worms to eat.

I remember seeing this on Toonami when I was younger and to this day I cannot believe what I saw.

The first problem is the visuals which are very visually awkward and jarring to look at. Plus if you cannot stand cutesy things then this will a painful experience because there is a buttload of "kawai" in just about every single episode. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Second is the plot. A terrible force of evil called the Dark Axis wants to wipe out the futuristic city of Neotopia where both man and robots live in harmony by(get this...) turning everyone into stone. I feel that this is something 4Kids would've came up with. This is a major far cry from the other series which involve complex plot lines of war, human drama. politics, love, and sacrifice things that made Gundam such a big hit!

Kneel before me in fear!

From what I've read if my sources are correct this was meant to be a parody. If that's true then they totally failed in that aspect. Its not really funny or fun aside from the clumsy Zaku henchmen who I found myself rooting for. It also turns out there are other SD Gundam series out there and while I have never seen them before I doubt I ever will after having to suffering through this.

Its amazing that it lasted for 52 episodes along with a lot of toys and games considering the kind of reception it got. Currently on Anime News Network its #1 on the Worst Rated and is a rather touchy subject for the hardcore fans. Even in Japan it didn't so well being only viewed in 2.1% of Japanese homes(OUCH!).

Although I really do not like this series its not as horrible as people make it out to be considering its target audience are kids but it seemed to get under the skin of so many people especially hardcore Gundam fans. Me personally I just couldn't get into it when I was younger considering I preferred more mature shows with developed characters and complex plotlines.

There are far far worse animes out there trust me! If you want really bad watch Demon Lord Dante, X The Movie. or the dozens of god damn Ecchi animes that keep getting pumped out! Would I recommend this show to anyone? A younger audience might enjoy it but adults would be squirming in their seats waiting for an episode to end as soon as possible and if you are a major fan of Gundam STAY CLEAR!

So that's the end of this review remember to leave any comments or questions in the comments section below the article. Stay tuned everyone for the 50th Review of A Reeler Movie Reviewer coming soon! Its going to be wacky ride!  \(^_^)/

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming This Fall!

Hey everybody! I'm trying out something different this time around. Here in this article are some of the reviews that will be posted this October in the name of all things that go bump in the night!

Note: I do not own any of the following movies and TV shows you see here or any of the images. I do however claim ownership of this article.

Pumpkinhead 1988

Candyman 1992

Mirai Nikki(Future Diary)



So folks get ready for this coming October as we meet the mad, the cruel and devious, the "sweet", and the Queen of Yanderes! If you have any request or questions please feel free tp put them in the comments section below. See you folks next time!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Lost and Forgotten Series #5

Note: I do not own BattleToads or the image or video you see here. I do however claim owner ship of this article.

Okay folks now we're getting into some real shit with this one! Based off the popular video game franchise this ugly pond scum was born. This a prime example of the trope Stillborn Franchise because this thing died before it even got started. Its the story about three high school kids who have the power to transform into ass-kicking toads that can alter their bodies into weapons. Together the trio must defend Professor T. Bird and Princess(There is always is one) Angelica from the Dark Queen.

The pilot for the series served as a prequel trying to explain the origins of the titular characters and that's as far as DIC Entertainment would get it. It bombed and I mean hard being considered to be one of the five Worst one shot cartoons ever made according Topless Robot and to those unlucky enough to see it a "blatant rippoff of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles".

Watching it I could see why it has earned its reputation. The animation was poor and quite jarring to watch even by 1990s cartoon standards failing to dazzle or even grab the attention of its audience when it aired on Thanksgiving in 1992. Despite this it became a sort of "legend" and today is not that hard to find. The entire pilot is available now on YouTube for free actually being more available than the damn game is.

Here is the entire pilot episode below. Enjoy!

Compared to most shows I have done for Lost and Forgotten Series its not as bad some of the others I have looked at despite how notorious it is. Dull and brain dead but not eye splintering like Butt Ugly Martians was so I should count my lucky stars. Until next time everyone!

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Note: I do not own any of the following images shown or any shows,video games, and movies mentioned here. I do however own this article.

Hello again and welcome back to Reeler Movie Reviewer where we look at all that the best and worst of media from TV Shows to the latest movies. Romance is everywhere isn't it? It always seems to find its way into the story of a show or movie even if its not the main focus. Its sometimes a subplot and other times its just a way for the writers to shoehorn some kind of character development. Regardless in many shows there are those who become interested in the relationships even invested and support a certain pairing. This is known as Shipping.

Go to any fansite or forum for a TV show(Usually an anime) and you'll be more than likely to find a discussion about a favorite pairing or what pairing is the best. The type of couples will vary but there are about five known kinds of pairings. The first kind is the official couple which is basically a canon couple within a film or TV series ; an example of this is Han Solo and Leia from the Star Wars franchise. The second is the Fan Preferred pairing which is a couple that a large number of fans support. The third and fourth are the homosexual couples namely yaoi and yuri and believe me you'll find no shortage of those. Last are the crack pairings which are just put together by people for laughs really for example C3PO and Jabba The Hut(Enjoy having that image in your head).

A fine example of  a crack pairing
Note: I do not own this picture

So your probably wondering why do people ship? Well depending on who ask your sometimes going to get a different answer. Sometimes certain folks ship just because they think their favorite pairing is cute but other times people actually push for their couple in hopes it will become canon. This unfortunately ends up leading to the very ugly side of this activity.

There are people who take shipping seriously and I mean very seriously to the point that they are completely obsessed in seeing their dream couples come true and will actually lash out anyone that dares stand in the way of "true love". Now take some of these people and put them on a discussion board with other fans of a franchise(Like Harry Potter for example). Lets say one group prefers the canon couples but another sees fan favorite couples like Hermione and Harry as better and more ideal pairings. The two groups go back and forth explaining why these couples work and try to convince the other that they are right but neither side is backing down. Things quickly spiral out of control when one of the posters loses her/his temper and insults the other shippers for being so stupid or slutshaming one of the characters. From here on it was on as this once peaceful discussion turns into a violent verbal argument between fans. These are known as Shipping Wars or Ship-to-Ship Combat.

Almost every TV show, movie, anime, cartoon, and video game has these and God help you if you ever find yourself caught in the crossfire of one!

A fine example of Ship-to-Ship Combat was in the year 1998 on Valentine's Day when a newcomer to the Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers fansite the Acorn Cafe posted a seemingly harmless Valentines greeting featuring Chip and Ratchet. This one damn post was enough to ignite the bloodiest flame war ever in the history of the fandom of the series becoming known as the St. Valentines Day Massacre. Think about that! People were actually arguing about the love life of a mouse and a chipmunk!  ┳━┳ ◡ ヽ(`Д´)ノ ┻━┻

Here below are other notable examples of Shipping Wars

Art by cuttieartgirl at deviantArt
Suppose to be an argument between Naruhina and Narusaku fans.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy/Raven vs Beast Boy/Terra

Avatar The Last Airbender: Katara/Aang vs Zuko/Katara also known as Kataang vs Zutara

Bleach: Ichigo x Rukia vs. Ichigo x Orihime. Shit gets real in this battle even Kubo's words can't quell the flames of war. Got worse after the voice actors for the protagonist Ichigo offered their opinions on the debate. Forums were left with third degree burns.

Pokemon: Mention Misty on any forum or fansite. I triple dog dare you!

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji x Asuka vs. Shinji x Rei vs Shinji x Kaworu. Still going since the release of the Rebuild Trilogy.

Naruto: Aaaaaaargh! The flames they burn! They burn!!!

Danny Phantom: The great conflict between the "True-Fans" and the "Anti-Fans".

Haruhi Suzumiya: TAKE COVER!!! ( ゚ Д゚)

Final Fantasy 7: Just...Holy shit dude.


Also keep in mind that even real life people are not safe. Let that thought chill your spine.
Today shipping is as strong as ever with new couples being supported all over the web, fanart being drawn and shared, lemony fanfics written posted all over the place, as fanatics board their ships preparing for future battles all the while as I sit in the background with a bag of popcorn and a cold one.

That's the end of this article if you have any comments or questions please put them in the Comments Section bellow. Also if you or a friend have been involved in any sort of little adventure in the Shipping department please share your experience! Until next time everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back In Time Adventures With Reeler: Teen Titans

Note: I do not own Teen Titans, its characters, or any of the images and videos you see here. I do however claim ownership of this review.

Hey everyone I'm back! So after reviewing several horror movies I decided to look at something more lightheated. This is Teen Titans TV series!

Based on the DC comic book series of the same name the show revolves around five superpowered teens as they defend their city from all sorts of baddies. Seems pretty straight forward right? Well actually there is alot more to this than just mindless fighting and explosions this isn't a Michael Bay movie(Thank God). While the show does have its action its also very character driven each member of the team learning to deal with their limits, facing their pasts, and bonding as a team.

Each character in Teen Titans brought something different to the show and were actually pretty relatable too. We have the leader of the team Robin The Boy Wonder who is both skilled and determined but at times can be very hotheaded. Starfire an alien with superhuman strength and the ability shoot bolts of energy whose compassion hold the team together even through the darkest of times. Cyborg the half-man half-machine ass-wooper who struggles with the loss of his body that causes him to be different from others. The comedic Beast Boy who can turn into any animal but can't make a girl laugh. Lastly we have the fan favorite Raven the mystic psychic played by the lovely Tara Strong. Among the many heroes are some awesome villains among them is the criminal mastermind Slade portrayed by the badass Ron Perlman and Trigon a demon lord set on wiping out the world itself.

 As I had mentioned earlier the series is character driven with each of the main characters getting their very own story arc where we learn about their personal past as they confront an old enemy or face their own personal demons. It was amazing seeing a show with so much character development considering that so many shows back then were simply scenarios where there is alot of slap stick humor and noise so it was pretty refreshing. Although on Nickelodeon the popular Avatar The Last Airbender series was airing around the same time so its nice that both of these channels had something unique to offer their viewers.

In terms of the shows animation if you had watched the video above in the beginning you'll notice its very similar to anime in appearance which is prevalent throughout the show especially in its more humorous moments as well as the opening song which is performed by the pop idols Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi which will sometimes switch between the English and Japanese versions.

While we are on the subject of the animation I would like to quickly comment on the fight sequences for those who maybe curious. While the animation can be sometimes cutesy or gritty when the situation arises the fights feel well feel stiff. Don't get me wrong for the most part the show looks pretty sharp. The problem in my opinion is that they animators loved to use Speedlines way to much which can get very annoying at times depending how important this is to you in a show.
The show while initially aimed at younger children it soon became widen to a larger audience and not surprisingly it was a big hit. It had a pretty damn good run lasting for lasting for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes as well as having a feature length film titled Teen Titans:Trouble In Tokyo. Although its no longer airing any new episodes it still has a loyal fanbase to this day. I have however heard that the series will be revived in 2013 as Teen Titans Go! which will be more comedic than its predecessor. How this new show will be received by fans of the old and newcomers is yet to be seen all I can say though is that this fanboy has his fingers crossed.

Overall Teen Titans is a solid superhero show with alot to offer and is definitely worth checking out. Its a bit tricky to find as of now though. You can try your luck online but finding a site that is both safe and has all the episodes is a quest and it has yet to come to Netflix but is available on DVD.

So check out Teen Titans and stay tuned for more reviews here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer. If you have seen this show share your thoughts and opinions. If you have any comments or questions put them in the Comments Section below. See ya next time!

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A Strange Mooovie: Isolation Review

Note: I do not own Isolation or the video and image you see here. However I do claim ownership of this review.

Today's movie is well...different from the others we have looked at in the past mainly due to it being both a mixed bag and a rather unappreciated gem of a horror movie. In this review we look at Billy O'Brien's 2005 film Isolation.

The film takes place on a farm on its very last legs it's owner Dan in need of money allows scientist John and his old girlfriend and vet Orla to perform some experiments on his cows. Not too far from the farm a runaway couple is taking refuge from some ticked off family members who soon find themselves caught in the middle of a nightmare. Soon these five individuals soon discover the terrifying truth of what has been done when the experiment goes horribly wrong bring something into this world that should have never been born.

As a kid growing up I saw lots and lots of movies of just about every kind but the kind I enjoyed the most out of all was the horror genre. Yeah my folks were pretty easy going when it came to movies about bloodthirsty monsters and serial killers so I took advantage of the opportunity and watched as many as I could get my hands on.

So several years pass and I'm about fourteen years of age. Its at this point of age I was convinced that I had saw everything had to throw at me from man-eating sharks, zombies, possesions, chainsaw-wielding nutballs, demonic clowns, to even killer tomatoes. That's was until I came across Isolation. Why? Because it is the first movie I have ever seen to have killer cow fetuses as their star creatures(Stop Laughing!).

Despite the concept sounding absolutely silly it is executed pretty well in this movie. I guess its the films grim, dirty, and cold atmosphere which was inspired by O'Brien's own experiences as a child that really help here because as I watched this movie I actually got the sensation of being completely isolated along side the characters who are brought to life through top notch performances of the actors and convincing allowing to be further immersed in film.

Skip to 3:48 to 5:07 for the scene that left me stabbing each hamburger I ate.


As for the creature effects they are on the border between good to decent. While there are some good gory moments the creatures for the most if not all the time are obscured in darkness and are briefly seen. I guess it is due to the film's minimal budget for practical effects. Also its pretty damn hard to make a cheeseburger menacing...

The movie was surprisingly well received winning a total of nine awards three of those being the Horror Jury Prizes for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Cinematography at the Austin Fantastic Fest. Among the general audiences though you get mix of opinions both good and bad.

When it comes to the plot its nothing the average movie goers hasn't seen before but it still manages to stay strong through most of the movie but the third act is extremely weak with a twist that you could see coming from a mile away.
Today however despite the success of this film O'Brien hasn't been doing much lately. In 2011 he did a Sy-Fy original film called ferocious planet buts about it. Maybe this due to Isolation's lack of notice although its not hard to find at all as the entire movie is on YouTube, available on DVD, and currently streaming on Netflix.

Isolation is a pretty good film despite its flaws. While its not anything ground breaking it still worth at least a watch. It shows how great atmosphere, music, and acting can make up for a lack of visual effects.

If you  have seen this before movie please share your experience in the comments section below and let me know what you think. And remember be careful the next time you order a burger because it just may bite your tongue off. Until next time everyone!

Rating: 8.2/10

Friday, August 24, 2012

Something Random

Hey people how you all doing? So yesterday for the first time ever I went down to the theater/diner known as Chunky's and wow what a different experience it was from your standard movie theater. First off its alot more comfortable than having to sit in rows of seats elbow to elbow with some complete stranger. At Chunky's you get a reclinable and very comfy chair as well as a table. Unlike other theaters where you have to stand in line waiting to order from the concession stand it comes to you from waiters who are very friendly and always nearby. The food is great giving a large selection of meals and drinks you can even order a nice cold beer. Now your thinking the food has got to be very pricey well I would say its reasonable which is alot more than I could about places like Showcase which charges you 5 to 6 dollars for popcorn that is mostly likely gone stale. Entry into the theaters is set a good price with occasions having days where admission is absolutely free of charge. So all you move goers out there head to your nearest Chunky's you wont be disappointed!

Below here is a link to the mainsite if you need more information about the place. Let me know if any of you are having trouble with the link at all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movie News From Reeler

Hey guys hows it going? I was just surfing the web when I came upon some interesting news. Apparently the rumored remake of the 1988 killer doll flick Child's Play will actually be a direct-to-video sequel with Brad Dourif returning to his role as the famous psychotic doll Chucky. Production for the movie is set to begin in September. I have also found out that a video game based on the franchise is now being developed by TikGames and is said to be set to released sometime in 2012. I don't know too much about TikGames but I wish them luck and hope they can pull it off to create a real bloody good time for gamers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Something Random With Reeler

Did You Know?
In the year 1990 a sitcom featuring fictional versions of the dictator Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun titled "Heil Honey I'm Home" was produced in England and aired on the 30th of September only to be canceled after just one episode. It was described by Television historian Marian Calabro to be "perhaps the world's most tasteless situation comedy" and to this very day remains as one of the most controversial TV series ever spawned.

The Thing 2011

Note: I do not own The Thing or the images you see here they all belong to their respective owners. I do however claim ownership of this review.

    In 1982 director John Carpenter released a sci-fi/horror film titled The Thing in theaters and although it was a box office bomb and was met with very mixed reviews from critics it swiftly became over the years a cult classic and one of the best horror films ever. I love this movie. It not only had great acting and direction but built an claustrophobic atmosphere of isolation and the sense of extreme paranoia and even to this day it remains in my top ten. Nine years later the director of the "Dawn Of The Dead" remake released a prequel film to the story and wow was my reaction the complete fuckin opposite!

    If I haven't made it clear to any of you than I shall do so right here and now I hate remakes and prequels. I believe they are pointless and are merely ways for directors to cash in on the success of the original. This movie is one of many. Its suppose to explain how the Norwegians found the titular alien and destruction of the camp and already there several problems with this idea. First this is unnecessary considering anyone who has seen the first one knows well what happened to these poor bastards.Secondly although it has the potential of answering some questions it risks creating new ones or worse plothholes. Last the effects department which right off the bat I knew this movie was going to be completely doomed in. Not to mention but the movie has the same title as the 1982 movie what they couldn't think of a subtitle of something talk about lazy.

     I first got word about this movie through some rumors going around the web. I didn't think much of it till I saw the bootleg of the teaser trailer and while although I couldn't see jack shit it seemed to have some promise. That quickly changed as I learned about the film's production. It turns out that this was originally suppose to a remake but fearing backlash from fans of the original they decided to make it into a prequel instead although that didn't stop people from getting pissed off. I tried to remain optimistic but I had a feeling that this was going to be a shipwreck as the official trailer went viral along with several clips and I was less than impressed by what I saw and the reviews I read didn't help any.

    So after alot of waiting October finally rolls around and two of my friends and I head for the theater for an evening show and get our tickets. We get into our theater and I noticed that there was decent crowd surprisingly so I thought maybe this movie will be at least OK. We took the top row seats and got comfortable as the upcoming attractions began. It wasn't long soon after that out main attraction began.

Now I not going to do a full review of the entire thing(No pun intended) but I will go through the positive and negative aspects of the film.

    So first lets start with the good parts of the flick. Well the sets are pretty good especially when we finally get to see the inside of the ship. Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a darn good job despite the pressure and insults thrown at her from those who thought she wouldn't be able to stand on the same level of badasss as Kurt Russel and the other actors were fine. There was also a funny joke in the beginning of the movie between the Norwegians and um and well...Ok to be honest there isn't alot that I liked in this movie. I tried really hard to lower my expectations and be open minded about it but my god what a mess and its a shame too because this might have been good  but that was just wishful thinking when I saw the final product. Its gloves off at this point people because we have alot to go through here!

Split-Face smiling for the camera

     While the acting was good the characters were background pieces waiting to get mutilated and assimilated by the monster. We never have anytime to get to know any of them so there is no weight when one of them buys the farm or turns out to be an alien. In 1982 film every character from MacReady to even the cook felt like a real human being and you believed that they were in a situation that they were quickly losing control of as paranoia takes over. Here we only get a two minute scene of the characters laughing and singing before the alien busts out and starts wrecking shit. Not mention everyone besides Winstead's character is bumbiling idiot!

     This brings me to my second problem the movie lacks all sense of drama, mystery, and suspense things that made Carpenter's film so amazing. We get no build up because the movie doesn't stop to take a breather constantly bombarding us with scenes of the aliens charging down the halls gutting the cast and things blowing up. This is also made worse by the lack of atmosphere because as I was watching it I didn't get that feeling of being trapped and isolated from the rest of the world.

Kate and Carter torching the Thing

      Now to the one I'm sure many people are waiting for me to get to: The effects. I know I'm going to sound like so many other reviewers but I'm still going say it....WHATS WITH ALL THIS DAMN CGI?!? I know when used correctly it can create some amazing things but on the other hand it can be seriously abused and it shows here. On several occasions you get moment where practical effects are used but for the most part its computer generated and its rampant through the whole movie. The monsters were not that creative either two of them look like murderous walking vaginas, and the one from the ice block is so obscured by the darkness that you cant see much of it before it gets roasted. Only  two of the creatures were any good. One was the ugly mutha in the climax and the other was the iconic "Split-face" from the first movie. What makes things all the more worse is that the producers kept saying they would as much as possible with practical effects. They even had such talented special effects artists like Tom Woodruff Jr working on this project but it feels like their talents were totally wasted here. What alot of people enjoyed about the 1982 film was the clever use of practical effects which brought a sort of realism to the monsters making them appeared to be just as much flesh and blood as the actors on set.

     The movie tries to pay loving tribute to Carpenter's movies by laying "Easter Eggs" throughout but unfortunately doesn't work either. Foe example when Kurt Russel and Richard Masur find the block of ice there is a clean hole in the center of it suggesting that the Norwegians cut it out. However as we see in the movie the Thing busts out of the ice like the fucking Kool Aid Man which should have left the block in pieces or at least alot more of a mess! Another one was the axe in the door when Winstead and Edgerton are hunting the alien Edgerton chops one of the smaller Things with the axe he is wielding and gets it embedded in a door but he tries to retrieve it Winstead stops him and tells him to leave it with explanation as to why.

     The biggest problem with this movie however is that it is boring! B-O-R-I-N-G! I do not how you make a movie with a hideous alien, people getting ripped apart or dosed in flames, and shit being blown up dull and unexciting but the director sure did find a way to. All the way through this movie I was shifting uncomfortably in my seat looking at my watch while my companions sat there beside me with their eyes glazed over.

    So movie ends and the audiences solemnly exits the theater. As I got out of my seat I let out a sigh and followed my friends out a part of me accepting the fact that this movie fell flat on its face like so many others like it and that I should just move on with my chin held high. Other part of me however wanted to run into the projection booth, beat the projectionist into submission with my shoe, and floss the reels of this movie between my ass cheeks!

    I do know whats going on with filmmakers today have they all just gotten lazy? It seems that most movies these days have been re adaptations, remakes, and prequels as if no one has any sort of fresh ideas or ambition. I really worry about the film industry and wonder if it will ever get its damn act together.

     My verdict for this movie is a mixed one. If you are a fan of John Carpenter's film I suggest that you skip it as doesn't really have anything offer to the fans. If you haven't however than this shouldn't be such a bad experience but don't expect anything ground breaking from it. If I was to give it a score it would be 6 out of 10 and that's being generous!

     So that's the end of this review remember if you have any comments or questions please feel free to put them in the comments section below the article and stay tuned for future reviews and movie news here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer! See ya next time!

SCORE: 6/10

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Note: I do not own Denpa Teki na Kanojo nor the image above.
Holy hell I love this OVA! Its amazing simply amazing! This a lost diamond in the anime world and the subject of today's article this is Denpa Teki na Kanojo(Electromagnetcic Girlfriend).

Sorry I got a little excited there for a moment. Its just that this series left a huge impression on me which is amazing considering how short it was. Denpa Teki na Kanojo was a  light novel series written by Kentaro Katayama and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. There were a total of three novels released and in 2009 a two episode OVA was released. It didn't cause much of a splash and left very few ripples but most of the people who were lucky enough to find it were more than pleased by what they saw I know I was.

The anime is a mix of several genres. Its part romance, horror, drama, mystery, and psychological thriller so there audiences are bound to least find something in it they would enjoy but its not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Both episodes are about 40 minutes each so its pretty much the same running time of your average animated film and use their time well to get through their individual plots. The OVA contains bloody violence, some language, and a scene of rape so I would recommend this only to mature audiences.

The plot revolves around Ju Juzawa a delinquent with seemingly no direction in his life who spends most of his days fighting. Things forever change for him when he meets an odd girl named Ame who claims to have a connection to him from a previous life. Ju is understandably weirded out and avoids Ame. However when a classmate is brutally slain he reluctantly accepts her help to track down the perpetrator. That's the plotline for the first episode.

In the second episode our protagonist try to solve the obscure mystery of the Happiness Club which seems to determined to steal the happiness of others in order to fill the void in their lives and takes a very deep look at people and ourselves.

The characters are a pretty decent cast; Ame is a strange girl who obviously a bit crazy but at the same time has a genuine love for Ju which shows itself one several occasions. Ju seems to be your typical Shonen delinquent turned hero but he does seem to have some hidden depths but we never get to learn anything in either of the two episodes. In terms of character the ones that definitely steal the spotlight are the antagonists; individuals whose hearts have been twisted by events that were out of their control and lash out at the world around them.

The animation is on and off but does come through with some stunning moments in its visuals and atmosphere especially in the first episode.

If I had to say anything negative about the anime is that its only really good for a single watch but despite that its a rewarding experience so I recommend it highly even if  you don't watch anime. Its a bit of a task to locate though as it hasn't been licensed since its release three years ago so its highly doubtful that it will ever reach American shores or anywhere else for that matter but I did manage to find it subbed on several anime sites like AnimeFreak.

So check out Denpa Teki na Kanojo and remember to stay tuned for future reviews and movie news here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Lost and Forgotten Series #4

Note: I do not own Super Duper Sumos or the image and video you see here.

Hey its Reeler here and all I can say is what the flying monkeys smeared on barbecue sauce on the moon with big boobed panda eating jellybean fuck did I just see? Again what the fuck?!? When I started doing "Lost and Forgotten" I expected to run into some bad shows here and there but damn does this take the entire cake and then shoves it into its fat fuckin face!

Super Duper Sumos is a 2001 cartoon that had aired on Nickelodeon. It was about a trio of sumo wrestlers that fought evil using their butts(I am not joking with you). Most of the show consisted our heroes going on adventures and defending their home Generic City(No that's actually what its really called) from an evil organization called Bad Inc. The entire thing is stupid beyond belief and I'm guessing most of the world thought so too because it only lasted 26 episodes(Thank God).

I barely remember this show at all so there isn't alot I say about it. All I could find was the opening and several poorly filmed segments of the first episode and a lets play of a video game based  on the show who thought this would make money is a mystery to me. Amazingly enough a DVD of the cartoon was released I guess the creators knew that this turd boat was sinking fast and acted before it was canceled

From what I could tell most of the jokes revolve around the fact that the characters are obese and like to eat alot oh and one of them seems to enjoy talking about his ass. Every episode as our heroes "Sumo Size" every time they fight the villains like in Power Rangers only it sucks.

To end my little review of this lard filled mess I give you the opening sequence. Watch at your own risk people! Even the guy who uploaded it was apologetic for it(Never a good sign).


So that was another Lost and Forgotten Series review sorry its a bit short but I did not have a whole lot to work with this time. If you have any comments or questions please put them below in the Comments Section. Until next time!

Back In Time Adventures With Reeler: Dexter's Laboratory

      Note: I do not own Dexter's Laboratory nor the images and videos you see here.

     Today we look at one of Cartoon Network's earliest series Dexter's Laboratory which to me was one of the best shows that channel ever aired. The series follows Dexter a boy genius who has a secret lab in his room that he keeps hidden from the eyes of his family and the rest of his world except for his destructive older sister Dee Dee.
     The show began airing in 1999 and ran for four seasons with a total of 78 episodes and 221 segments before ending in 2003. It also had video games, toys, music, and a made-for-T.V special titled "Ego Trip". The series quickly became a major hit and is considered to be one of Cartoon Network's most successful shows even to this day being described as both great fun for kids and adults as well.
     So what made Dexter's Laboratory such a hit? Well strap on your rubber gloves and lets take a closer look shall we?

Just another day in the lab...
     First off lets look at our cast of characters. Dexter our main character is short tempered half-pint with a brain that would make Einstein weep with envy who can create high tech devices and a super intelligent computer and a monkey who he unknowingly turned into a crime fighting hero. However at the same time he is a total butt monkey having his lab destroyed on a daily basis by his sister Dee Dee. Dee Dee is pretty much is a  destructive force of nature taking the form of a young girl always wrecking everything in her site all the while spouting her catchphrase "Oooo what does this button do?". The parents are a strange pair the mother a germaphobe while the father borders on the levels between goofy to out of his freaken mind. Last we have Dexter's rival and archenemy Mandark who stops at nothing to bring our boy genius to ruin.

      Episodes are divided into segments each with a different storyline. Sometimes instead of following Dexter we sometimes get short segments with his pet monkey in "Dial M For Monkey" as he saves the world from evil. Other times we follow the lives of a bumbling trio of super heroes in "The Justice Friends" as they try to get through their days without killing themselves.

     The humor of this show is as I said flexible enough to be enjoyable regardless of age and can pretty clever from time to time. On several occasions they show make references to both popular culture and even other shows. Some of the jokes will go right over the heads of younger viewers while some pretty daring and others I'm amazed even got by the censors. Here below is a good example.


  Now if a friend asked me back when this show was still around if I would recommend it I would've have definitely said yes. It was a good show so much so that it changed the direction of Cartoon Networl completely because of the way it was made in both its design and how it was directed. Today however its not easy to find this series I seldom come across DVDs of the show but episodes are available on iTunes and you can find them on Amazon both new and used. It may take a bit of digging but its well worth the effort so folks if you get the opprtunity check this cartoon out it is quite the gem.