Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Hi folks it Reeler here.

Sorry I know its been a bit. >_>

However I wanted to let you know that about the growing  issue with the bill know as SOPA or the Stop Onlin Piracy Act. This bill as we speak is being butt-rushed through congress in an attempt to get passed. Right now its been pushed back...for now. If this this bill gets passed it could potentially destroy the internet as we know it and could harm our rights as US civilians. It has so many pitfalls to it that sites suchs Wiki, Facebook, or even Youtube! Youtube! You seen what I'm trying to tell you guys we're going to up to our bloody necks in this crap being spewed out by this bill if it has its way.

If you were not aware of this now then consider your self aware now. Go on type SOPA into google the chaos its causing among web users is spreading like a forest fire!

If you want to help stop this bill contact your representative and tell them that this bill should not be passed EVER!

I just started this blog and it looks like it could meet an early end if this damn bill gets passed. Yeah even blogging could be considred criminal the bill is so insane!!!

Create awareness, lend your voice to the masses and stop SOPA!

p.s. I'll keep you guys informed of any updates on the situation.