Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Lost and Forgotten Series

Hi its Reeler...again.

I remember saying that I had a review scheduled awhile back well there was a bit of a problem. I was going to surprise everyone with this but I might as well tell you what it was. My Dad the Rockstar. It was an animated series from somewhere in 2003. It was created by Gene Simmons. Yes THE Gene Simmons of Kiss Fame which become pretty obvious when he added his likeness to one of the main characters.

The plot is simply this: Willy Zilla is a ordinary kid who just wants to be normal(like I never heard that before) despite his father being a famous rock star.

Besides what you read there really isn't much else to the series itself. Heck most of the plot lines are so familiar that you've could've sworn you saw them in other shows before and chances are you have. Even some of the "original" come off as this.

It had a short lived run that ended in 2005 with a total 25 episodes. Simply put the idea crashed hard and burned to cinders.

Now I had a bitch of a time finding footage of this show. Even with the almighty power of the Internet at my side I only manage to find the first two episodes on you guessed it YouTube. I'm amazed they have remained there for so long since most of the other episodes were taken down. The only way I could watch any of the other episodes was in Spanish and I failed in that class >_>. I should also add that I barely found any images or screenshots from the show. So I can really show you much of what the show looked like so putting this review together was a bit of a pain.

Very few people at all seem to remember that this series even existed at all. I recall reading YouTube comments saying things like-

"Okay, why can't I remember this show!? My dad says I've watched this all the time...."

Or this one

"I loved this show, but I couldn't agree more. I can't remember jack about this cartoon..."

And there less positive comments like-

"The only thing I remember is that that kid plays the trumpet? Fuck this show was bad."

"I was the only one of my friends who actually liked this show. .___."

Or simply

"this show sucks"

So whether positive or negative the show left little to no impact on audiences. Its made more apparent by the fact that only the one DVD containing the first six episodes of season one was released and no more came out after that.

The ONLY thing people seem to remember at all about this how was it opening which you can see below.

So yeah this one of those forgotten shows that just fell into the dark abyss of time and I'm pretty certain in a couple of years this show will be practically be as rare as the Arc of the Covenant that even Indiana Jones would have a hard time finding it.
So folks that's it for today stay tuned for the next review which I hope wont be this problematic. See ya!