Friday, June 29, 2012

Recent News and Updates

Hey folks its me just a few updates that I feel that everyone should know about. Recently I showed my blog to the writers group I go to. They gave me alot of useful feedback and some ideas to improve the site.

1. I may or may not change the name of this blog. It appears that some who search for it on browsers are having trouble perhaps because the title doesnt stand out too much? If I do I'll be sure to inform you all.

2. The addition of keywords to make it easier for people to find it.

3. A rating system to effectively score the films and shows I review(Note: The ones I have already reviewed will have their scores updated as a result).
Thats all for now. See ya guys next time! :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Movie News From Reeler: Is This Movie Even Happening?

So somewhere in the later months of last year there was an announcement of an upcoming Godzilla movie but this time it would not be by Toho but instead be made in the U.S. My first thought was "Oh Crap" after recalling the disatrous 1998 abomination with that damn iguana running through New York. But there looks like there is some hope when I saw the official poster/concept art they showed at a convention.

Here its is

What you folks think? Looks legit but its hard to tell right now which is what I want to talk to you about today. First off it has been confirmed that this poster is fanmade which sucks because it so awesome. Its been a couple of months now and we are already in June. The producers said the release date for the film would be sometime in 2012 but there has not been any new developments nor has there been a teaser trailer. Note: If you look at the corner you'll easily see a logo for Legendary Pictures. These are the guys are the one who will be taking the reins in this project however we have yet to see the fruits of their work that is if they even got started at all. There has not been any casting or a established budget so I'm beginning to wonder if this movie will see the light of day or it going to be dropped all together. We're told however of some of the things that would be in the movie.

1. Gozilla will fight another monster.
2. Movie is live action and 3D
3. David Goyer is the writer
4. The Monsters and Effects will be in CGI.
5. Godzilla will use his trademark atomic breath.

   Well only time will tell I guess so I'll wait a bit and see what happens who knows this movie might pull through in the end.
    If you folks find out anything about the movie please share it in the comments section bellow.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Upcoming Review

Having the just finished the first part of my review for Clash Of The Titans it will take a bit before the next half is up. So coming up next is a little something...different but trust me you folks will love what I'm about to serve up in my next review. Want a hint? Ok.

"Nice Boat"Also stay tuned for more movie news.

Until next time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Movie News From Reeler: Giant Monster Movie by Del Toro?!?

I was browsing a week or so ago and came across some article about a new movie Guillermo Del Toro called Pacific Rim what he quotes as  "a beautiful poem to giant monsters". The setting is as follows in this summary:

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju. On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes - a washed up former pilot and an untested trainee - who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse

It sounds so freaken awesome!

From what it says on the poster the film will be released in the summer of next year. The exact date right now will be July 13, 2012. There hasnt been any trailer released as of now so time will only tell if this movie will live up to the expectations of everyone.

Clash Of The Titans Part 1

  Disclaimer: I do not own Clash Of The Titans nor any of the images you see here. 

     Today's review is going to be a special one. We will be looking a classic. A flawed gem that had found its way into the hearts of many. A personal favorite of mine and probably one that could find its way to my top ten fantasy films. 1981's Clash Of The Titans! Yes the last film of Stop-Motion Animation Artist Ray Harryhausen a movie I've been gearing up to look at in full detail for awhile now. I did say a couple of lines ago that I really liked this movie but even I have to admit that even favorites are not without flaws.
     Before we officially dive in a little background is going to be needed. First question some of you are probably asking is who is Ray Harryhausen? Harryhausen is a special effects artist known for is great talent in stop-motion animation. His work is known in such films as The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad and Jason And The Argonauts. He was quite an influence in the movie industry inspiring many of todays special effects artist and even directors. Heck his films were what got me interested in myths and legends.

Ray and Medusa's head
      Clash Of The Titans was Harryhausen's last movie due to how dated stop-motion had become in the shadow of more advance forms of speciall effects. It did not help that this movie came out in the same year and month as a huge and critically acclaimed film. Can you guess which one that is? Stumped? It was Raiders Of The Lost Ark the first of the Indiana Jones films to be released. Still despite this movie gained a loyal cult following since then and has charmed audiences for generations. It even earned a remake which sucked but thats another story. So without further adieu lets jumped on the back of a winged horse and set out for adventure as we look at Clash Of The Titans.

    So the movie begins with a group of soldiers walking towards the rocky shores of an ocean. Several of them are carrying what looks like a coffin and walking along with them is a woman carrying a child. The man leading the group stands forward arms held up to the sky.  He identifies himself as Acrisius King of Argos played by Donald Hutson. This mean old bastard proclaims to the god Zeus that he is condeming his daughter Danae and her son Perseus to the sea for "bringing shame to Argos" and that there death his not his fault. So the woman and her kid are stuffed into the coffin and cast out into the sea where then get our opening credits. Its a pretty good start to say the least the music is epic with sort of charm and wonder to it.
     After the opening we see a seagull flying towards a massive kingdom that stands upon a rocky mountain which turns out to be Mount Olympus home to the gods. The Seagull lands transforming into Poseidon played by Jack Gwillim who informs Zeus played Laurence Oliver (who I will say right now is one of the better actors in this flick) that Acrisius was as stupid as they thought he was and that Danae and Perseus are now floating  somewhere in the middle of the sea. Zeus is pissed and commands Poseidon to release the last of the Titans-The Kraken.

    So Poseidon unleashes this ancient behemoth that completely wipes out this city which no doubt had a few unlucky sods just trying to make a living only to have a tsunami fall on their heads. Danae and Perseus get the royal treatement from the Gods and are guided safetly to a small island called Seriphos where they can live their lives in peace.

    Time goes by as we see the young boy Perseus grow into a poofy haired Harry Hamlin. On Olympus things are getting a little tense as Zeus and the Goddess Thetis played by Maggie Smith argue over the destiny of her own son Calibos who has pushed the Father of the Gods buttons to many time already having slaughtered dozens of living creatres including Zeus' flock of flying horses with only Pegasus remaining even after Zeus gave him rulership over the "Wells of the Moon"(please dont ask what that is because they never do explain ). So Zeus fed up with ungrateful ass turns Calibos into a hideous creature which would not only get him banished from his homeland but ruin his chances of marrying the princess Andromeda...Bummer dude.

Thetis is not to happy about this and decides that two can play at this game and transports Perseus to the great city of Joppa leaving his fate to chance. There Perseus wakes up to be greeted by an old actor named Ammon played by Burgess Meredith who takes the boy in. Burgess alongside Oliver is one of the few people putting any real heart into their character the same that cannot be said to the folks playing our leads but we'll get to that later. He explains that the city is under curse and that people are going around saying "call no man happy who is not dead" a quote I associate with anyone who ends up watching some of the crap I've reviewed so far.

This old guy is just so full of win
     It doesnt take long for Zeus to find out what Thetis has done and boy howdy is he pissed. He commands his wife Hera, Athrodite, and Athena to craft powerful weapons for his son. This is one things that has always bugged the hell out of me even now. In this portrayal Perseus come across as spoiled daddy's boy who can do anything without his old man backing him up which was something the remake was trying to fix but as I said with other things we'll getting to that later in the review believe me.

     The next morning Perseus is training when he finds three magical items; a helmet which grants him the power of invisibility, sword so sharp that it can slice through marble without damaging the blade, and a shield which is just a shield. In the inside of the shield Perseus is greeted by a image of Zeus telling the young man that the items he recieved are gifts from Olympus and he should especially keep the shield close at hand because it will probably protect his ass at some point in the movie(EPIC FORESHADOWING!!!). Perseus tests out the helmet and walks off despite Ammon's protest forgetting his sword and shield...dumbass.

     As he strolling around the streets of Joppa our hero comes across are rather gruesome scene in which people watch a man roast at a stake. He approaches a city guard named Thallo and asked what hell was going on. The guard explains that the cooked guy on a stick was a suitor to the princess and that he was executed for failing to solve a riddle. Man imagine if game shows like Jeopardy or Wheele Of Fortune having rules like this? Fail to spell the word Roast and you end up looking well like one. It turns out that any man who could solve the riddle given to them by the princess could marry her but die should they fail, a law that was issued by the decree of their patron goddess Thetis(oh shit) who is pissed that Adromeda refused to marry her now deformed son so now she is punishing the entire city.

    This were I take issue with this scenario. The city is cursed and its people are suffering because their princess refuse to marry some dude because he's a tad bit on the ugly side(which is putting it lightly). Sure he's a bit of a douche but come on! Think of your people you shallow prissy bitch! But I digress.

     Late at night Perseus sneaks into the castle using his magic helmet and goes into Adromeda's chamber watching the young woman(played by Judi Bowker) as she sleeps. This scene is "suppose" to be romantic but really it comes of as very very creeeepy. The moment is suddenly interrupted by the sou of flapping wings and obnoxious screeching as we see a huge vulture carrying a gold cage land on the balcony of the princess' chamber. This critter is really cool looking having great flow to his movements which convincingly look like those of the actual animal. The cries of the creature somehow summon the spirit of Andromeda from her body and walks into the gold cage as it is then carried off by the oversized buzzer.

     The next morning Perseus and Ammon discuss what he had saw last night deducing that Calibos was behind this since the vulture flew west towards the swamps the place where Calibos rules over. Perseus wants to follow the bird to investigate further but is unable to chase something that can fly. Ammon has an idea however.

That night with help of the magic helmet and Ammon's knowledge Perseus is able to lasso and tame the last of the winged stallions Pegasus who looks pretty good being the second official horse creature Harryhausen has brought to life the first being the Eohippus from the Valley Of Gwangi.

Those have gotta be the biggest eye brows I have ever seen! 0_o
When the vulture comes for the princess again during night Perseus and Pegasus give chase as they follow the bird to the marshes where see Andromeda greeted by Calibos himself who has certaintly seen better days. He escorts Andromeda to his lair home to lots hairy greasy guys in furs. The Princess pleads with Calibos to end the curse and release her souls but like the douche monkey that he his he refuses instead sending her back with a new riddle for a "would-be hero". As Andromeda leaves Calibos sees footprints being left in the dirt of his lair from an unseen "visitor" the Lord of the Marsh follows them.

Perseus who is searching the marsh for Pegasus is unable to find his winged companion...However someone else found him as Calibos ambushes him and the two get into a scuffle. Ray does a fine job mixing his animation with the live action performance which helps give the fight fluent flow. As they fight Perseus loses his helmet which falls into the swamp. The one of the best weapons in his arsenal which could have solved so many problems in the movie and he loses it before the real action gets started...This just one of the many moments Perseus really starts to piss me off and theres plenty of moments like this one throughout the whole movie.

 We cut back to the palace of Joppa where we see the citizens stand before the Queen played by Sian Phillips who is pretty peeved that no one will step forward and attempt to answer the riddle and marry her daughther not that I blame anyone considering what would happen to them if they should fail. Suddenly the doors open and we see Perseus walk in accompanied by Ammon. Sheesh our hero looks pretty good considering he was getting his ass handed to him in a swamp a couple of minutes ago I guess he must have had some time to wash out and fix his hair.

He presents himself and of course answers the riddle which turns out to be the ring that Calibos wore on his hand that Perseus cut off during their fight which he throws at the feet of the Queen and the Princess (an intresting form of courtship). We also find out that he had actually spared Calibos in exchange for piss off and not bothering Joppa. YOU IDIOT!!! You actually let him go? Why? Because it makes look like the good guy? Because its PG? Why?!? He almost killed you! He's responsible for the deaths of many and so much suffering!

It might seem like I'm overreacting but this plain stupidity thats gonnna bite this guy right on the ass! If you think about it because Perseus stayed his hand he is very much responsible for the crap thats gonna happen to him and everyone around him.

So stay tuned as we look at the future adventures of our poofy haired hero in Clash of the Titans!

This Reeler signing out! :D