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Back In Time Adventures With Reeler: Hey Arnold

Hello! Welcome to my very first Back In Time Adventures where we look at shows from 1980's and beyond whether its the good, the bad, or the ugly. Thankfully we'll be kicking off on a high note!

Note: I do not own Hey Arnold or any of the images you see here. I however do claim ownership of this review.


      Hell yes "Hey Arnold" now here's some real nostalgia for you all! Back in the day Nickelodeon was at its prime with so many great shows and here we'll be taking a look one of the most well known. "Hey Arnold" follows the adventures of Arnold a helpful kid with a football shaped head(Imagine seeing something like that in real life) and his friends whether its dealing with problems in their everyday lives, solving mysteries, and other crazy events. The series does not have a connected plot with many of the episodes having one shot story lines. It had a good run on the are lasting for five full seasons with a total of a hundred episodes before ending on June 8,2004. It also got itself a feature length movie that was shown in theaters on June 28,2002 which was met mixed to negative reception despite making a bit of money. The show may be off the air but one can still find it on DVD and the entire series can be watched on Netflix and on a two hour block called "The 90'S Are All That".

     One of the shows many strengths was its huge cast of characters. There are so many of them that if I was to list and describes everyone of them we would be here for an hour or two. I mean we have Arnold himself, his best friend Gerald, the bully with a crush Helga, her brainy friend Phoebe, and big boy Harold. That's not even all of the kids too and I have even mentioned the parents, the folks of the boarding house, the teachers and faculty, the mailman, the butcher, the flower shop owner, the disgruntled ice cream man and many strange individuals that our protagonist seems to run into on a regular bases. One would assume that because there are so many characters that some are just sitting off in the background or are just involved in a one shot story and simply disappear that is not the case with these characters. Not only do many return in future episodes but some even get their own episode which focuses primarily on them.

    Most of the stories in "Hey Arnold" involve some crazy situation in which the characters must resolve ranging from ordinary everyday problems like school, crushes, the meat head bullies, to facing the "Great Disposal" in eating competitions, pig wars, haunted trains, and run ins with the self-proclaimed crime fighter Monkey-Man.

    While most of these episodes are funny as hell and great fun there are several that are actually very deep, touching, and are actually capable of leaving the viewer misty-eyed at the end of them. The strongest moments in my opinion involve Helga who deeply loves Arnold but cannot express it because of her short temper and the fear of him not returning it which leads her to bully Arnold just so she can hide her true feelings and she has the saddest damn background of any character from Nickelodeon hands down.

   Anyone in my opinion can sit back and enjoy this show whether they are young or old and I would recommend that you check it out if you haven't seen it but skip the movie believe me you'll thank me later.

   So what did you folks think? I know is a bit short but I'm trying to avoid having these reviews go on for way too long so I'm shorting them a bit. If you like this way or think that my previous method was stronger please let me know in the comments section below this article.

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A Lost and Forgotten Series # 2

Wow this show was bad! Not only was it bland as a turd between two unsalted crackers but it was ugly absolutely ugly which makes it perfect a perfect candidate for today's "Lost and Forgotten Series". This is Butt-Ugly Martians! God helps us all!
So the premise of this series is about three aliens who are sent to Earth by their evil Emperor Bog to take over our little blue world. However these aliens become addicted to the culture of the U.S and decide not to reduce all of us into ash how nice of them. Instead the trio protects the planets from all sorts of baddies especially their ticked off leader.

After a bit of research I found out that it isn't as forgotten as "My Dad The Rock Star". Its mostly memorable by how awful it was when it aired on Nick on January 21, 2001. To quote the headline of a review I saw on IMDb it was "Memorable..... for it's ineptitude". Just every review I found on this show was scathing and there wasn't really anything people remembered that was genuinely good. When I started preparing this article something popped into my head...The Theme Song! Sweet baby back ribs that fucking song! Fortunately I found it so I can share with all of you! Why...maybe because I'm mad perhaps?

Despite the huge negative feedback from so many I did find comments from those who actually enjoyed it which amazed me considering what were looking at here. The animation is cheesy cheap CGI even then kinda like a video game(an ugly one at that) of some sort just watch the video here and you'll get a good idea of what I'm talking about. Funny thing is the human characters look creepier than the damn aliens.  The characters are very boring and undeveloped throughout the series' airtime. The jokes mostly comprise of toilet humor and childish jokes so anyone above the ages of 12 are really going to suffer if they ever find themselves watching this.
The worst is when the aliens go all magic girl on us and start having themselves a little transformation sequence which they do in every major battles which is almost every bloody episode. It didn't last long either only managing to survive for one season before it got the axe. I don't think it made it to DVD at all either although it spawned a few video games and toys(yes they actually made toys out of the bastards) but even those have disappeared into the sands of time.

    Or Maybe Not!!! 0_o



Even though its been quite some time since it was taken off the air there are actually several episodes available on YouTube hell I'd be willing to bet that someone has the entire damn series somewhere in the darkest corners of the Internet. I wont say this is the worst thing that Nick has put up but its pretty close though. Even though I despise this show its still impressive it has survived the test of time like it did which more than I can say about other shows that didn't survive past their first seasons so in that regard I tip my hat to you Butt-Ugly Martians.
So in the end the series while having mixed reviews and falling hard during its time it is(no matter how much I may hate it) is not as bad as I may make sound but its still bad don't get me wrong but its no where near the level of suck of Monster A Go Go or any of the other terrors that without a doubt will squirm their way into my future posts.
Stay tuned for future reviews and if you want to share your experience about this show or others like it please do or if you have any comments type them down bellow. This Reeler signing out.

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Clash Of The Titans Part 2


Disclaimer: I do not own Clash Of The Titans nor any of the images you see here.

Hey people how are you all doing? Welcome back to another Reeler Review! Today return to the world of sword and sandals with our look at 1981's Clash Of The Titans!

Last time in our tale of gods and myths our hero Perseus captures the winged horse Pegasus, disarms(Quite literally) and defeats the evil Calibos and breaks the curse over the city of Joppa winning himself the hand of the princess its from here that the real adventure begins.

So everyone is quite merry and celebrating this happy day. If you folks could see this you would notice a lack luster of well celebration. I mean a freaken curse was uplifted! I was expecting a parade or a literal toga party! Oh well. Perseus and Andromeda step out to have a little time alone(Not that way its PG for pity's sake).

Before anything is said between the two we suddenly cut to Calibos who somehow snuck his way into the city's temple. Odd I'm more than certain that a deformed lizard man with horns would stand out even at night but whatever. He prays to her mother Thetis to make Perseus pay for what he has done. The statue comes to life thanks to powers of some pretty silly effect. Thetis tells him that she is unable to do anything because Zeus is protecting him. Calibos isn't having any of it and pleads with her to punish those around Perseus by unleashing the Kraken on the city like it did to Argus.

While that is going on our hero and Andromeda have a heart to heat talk. Perseus starts it of nicely by bringing the topic of Calibos because I'm sure that's something that she is just dying to talk about. If there any moments in this movie that I really cannot stand its the love scenes between these two. Not only does watching them make me feel like I just ate a sugar coated slug but they just seem so forced and the dialogue is cheesy.

So they kiss and we fade to their wedding ceremony where the queen prepares to tie the the red ribbon to signify their bond. This would have been the ending except for the fact that the queen doesn't know when to shut her trap as she actually proclaims that her daugther is more beautiful than their patron goddess! Talk about tempting fate.

The head of the statue in temple falls off and comes to life(See above). Thetis tells the queen that for her arrogance and the injury of Calibos she demands that Andromeda be taken to the old sacrificial  rock to be given as tribute to the Kraken in 30 days. If not the people can kiss their asses as well as all of Joppa goodbye. Mother of the year everyone!

After that we see Perseus, Ammon, and several soldiers of the royal guard discussing what they should do to defeat the Kraken. Ammon comes up with a plan: they must seek the wisdom of the Stygian Witches; three blind old women who are knowledgeable beyond all others.

The next scene we see Pegasus having a drink when he is suddenly attacked and captured by Calibos and several cavemen who would go on to star in Geico commercials in the future. The next morning our heroes search for the winged horse to no avail. Perseus decides to search for the witches himself but Andromeda insist that she and her guards help considering how dangerous this journey will be. I can understand the soldiers going with him and Ammon as well considering how much he has help him so far but I don't see how Andromeda going to be any help in this situation. The reason I say this is that through out the entire movie she does absolutely squat. She is no tactician, she does not fight, nor is she a healer but instead stands in the background looking doe-eyed and letting her man do everything. I guess they just wanted more time to expand their rather dull romance.

So the party sets outs in a race against time as we cut to Mount Olympus where Zeus knows that his son is going to be running into some serious danger and commands his daughter Athena to give Perseus her pet Owl Bubo to aid him on his journey. Athena is not happy about having to give up her long time friend but Zeus commands her. Father of the year!

Our clever goddess isn't going to take this lying down and has Hephaestus help her by creating a replacement owl that she will send to Perseus.

When we next see our heroes they are aimlessly riding through the dessert having absolutely no idea where they are. Maybe a map would have helped...I'm just saying. So its seems that they are shit out of luck until they notice something shining in the air(No not the sun smart ass). It actually turns out to be a golden robotic owl named Bubo who is capable of talking to Perseus through clicks and beeping sounds. Personally I've always imagined him being voiced by a very angry Joe Pesci. A lot of people say that this little guy was blatant ripoff of R2D2 but I honestly don't think so but I did feel that his comic relief antics were a tiny bit annoying but no where near the annoyance of Perseus' stupidity.

Bubo tells them he knows the way to the shrine of the witches and they follow him. They soon reach a huge mountain where the shrine sits upon and Perseus and his men begin their climb while Andromeda and Ammon hang back and stretch.

When they reach the top Perseus goes into the shrine alone while the soldiers and Bubo cover him.
We then meet the Stygian Witches played by Flora Robinson, Anna Manahan, and Freda Jackson who played a crazy gypsy in another Ray Harryhausen film "The Valley Of Gwangi" and I'm not gonna lie this is one of my favorite scenes. Not only is the set well constructed but the performance of the three is awesome especially when they argue with one another. I also love the little moment of dark humor when a human hand rises out of their cooking pot.
After having Bubo steal their magic eye that only holds much of their power but also the only way they can see. Perseus then uses the eye as leverage and forces them to tell him a way to kill the Kraken. They do. But its way that may prove even more challenging and deadly than even the last of the Titans: He must obtain the head of Medusa. The gorgon's very gaze may prove to be the only way that Perseus may defeat the Kraken. After the witches tell him Medusa's location he and his party leave.

We next have a scene where Ammon explains the origin of Medusa which is completely inaccurate from the actual myth but the whole movie has been no different so who really cares at this point. Andromeda is afraid for Perseus and insist that she go with him he agrees telling her to get some sleep. When she wakes up however she finds Perseus, Bubo, and the soldiers are gone.
Perseus and his men reach their destination; the River of Styx and beyond it the Isle Of The Dead where the Gorgon lives. Its a cool effect actually the impose a model of the island in the background behind the lake and then add a fog effect to sweeten the atmosphere.

Our hero and three of compa-Ok I should bring something up that I should have done earlier. The guys that follow Perseus on his mission are not characters. They have no names, no personalities, most have their faces hidden behind helmets, and they don't say anything. Thallo who we saw earlier in the movie is the only one with a name but he has had at most six to seven lines the entirety of his role. In my opinion this is such a wasted opportunity. We could have had some real character development and depth to these five so the audience would actually care about them. Instead we have sword wielding meat shields who are about to go on a dangerous mission with the hero. Take a guess whats going to happen.

Anyways as I was saying Perseus and the three unlucky bastards who have to go with him grab their gears and head for the shoreline but not before Thallo gives Perseus a coin for the ferryman Charon who will take them across. Perseus finds an old horn hanging from a dead tree which he uses to summon Charon. The sequence is genuinely creepy as we see a cloaked figure on a longboat come ashore and extend a skeletal hand. Perseus gives Charon the coin allowing him and his trio of redshirts to board the boat.

Once reaching the shore the party departs and make their way to the center of the island Perseus tells his men to use the inside of their shields when fighting Medusa(Remember this folks!). They come upon an ancient temple where they find a stone statue its face contorted into a scream(never a good sign!). As they look for an entrance in they don't realize that they are being watched.

Before anyone can even blink they are attacked by a rather angry two-headed dog. Meet Dioskilos the guardian of the temple and Medusa's watch dog. He kills one of the soldiers in a pretty baffling way. It looks like the wolf just knocked him over. What did the guy have glass bones or something? The beast then pounces Perseus causing him to lose grip of his sword(Wont be the last time either). The other two men rush to his aid and distract the monster.

You remember when Perseus lost his helmet and spared Calibos which in effect cased all this? Yeah his stupidity doesnt end there. His sword ends up in the coils of a python(A non-venomous snake) and patiently waits for it to slither away. Hey ass monkey how about hurrying it up your friends are being turned into dog chow! Hit the snake with a rock! Shield bash the dog-thing! Kick it in the nuts! But for the love of fuck act! He does get his sword back eventually and goes to town on the dog quickly killing it.

Bacon bits! Bacon bits! Give us Bacon Bits!!!
Although they party was victorious they had lost a comrade. Does Perseus say any words for this man who gave his life? A burial? Laying his body is a respectable position instead of face first in the dirt? NO! Instead he does a bit of brilliant math and literally says "Remember its 3 to 1". Fuck you Perseus! Fuck you right in the eye socket!

This sequence is a rather short one last at most a minute and in my opinion is one of the weaker moments involving Ray's creations. Dioskilos just doesn't blend well in this environment so it looks so obvious that the creature isn't really there. Despite this it is a perfect build up to the movie's most famous moment.

The quickest way to get seriously stoned :P

They find and entrance and descend into the darkness. There inside they find a large room lit by torches and littered with the petrified bodies of men and beast. We then see a grotesque shadow moving among the columns. The group splits up and search the room. One of the soldiers is suddenly struck in the back with an arrow and is boiled in the most evil jacuzzi in all of ancient Greece. We then finally see Medusa in all of her stop-motion glory.

She is by far the best creature in the entire movie. Not only in her design but her movements which are both graceful and disturbing and the terrifying rattling of her serpentine tail. The lighting is amazing as well giving the scene a look that completely separates itself from the others. I consider her to be one of the most terrifying monsters in all of fantasy cinema.

Medusa uses her bow to knock the surviving soldier on his ass and the idiot actually looks at her despite being told not to. The Gorgon then goes after Perseus stalking him through the forest of columns. It almost looks like our hero is screwed when he suddenly remembers Zeus' words about how the shield would save him. With quick thinking he uses the shield to bait Medusa to come closer and swiftly decapitates her(Sad too I was rooting for her).

After doing a dramatic pose holding the gorgon's severed head we suddenly cut to our hero and the other soldiers(Who were lucky enough to get to stay behind) sleeping while Bubo keeps watch. Limping into view is Calibos now with a fork for a hand(Yeah I know its a trident but it sure looks like a fork). Using his "trident" he punctures the bag holding Medusa's head spilling blood all over the ground which causes three scorpions to grow into giants. Bubo alerts the others before getting knocked out by Calibos. Perseus, Thallo, and that other guy charge the over grown insects. No sooner after the fighting starts Perseus loses his sword again.

I'm gonna give you such a pinch!
While the fighting is going on Calibos drives off the horses before tripping up the nameless soldier allowing the scorpion to kill him. This is a moment that often bugs me(No pun intended). After the scorpion kills the soldier it walks off screen and is never seen again. I'm serious it never appears for the rest of the fight. Was it so bored that it decided to quit early? Nobody knows...

Thallo takes down one of the scorpions and throws Perseus' sword back to him before getting stabbed in the back by Calibos(Wow did not see that coming >_>). So Mr.Poofy Hair slays the scorpion when he is attacked by Calibos and drops his sword YET AGAIN! My god does this guy sweat butter or something? So they fight and Perseus wins by throwing his sword which seems to shrink in midair before skewing Calibos killing him(I was rooting for him also). Perseus tells Bubo to find Pegasus before time runs out for Andromeda.

So Bubo goes to Calibos' lair and frees the winged-horse while terrorizing everyone there even the vulture whose is twenty times the little owl's size. The two escape as Calibos' lair burns to the ground as we fade to....Andromeda taking a bath. You know when I first saw this I really did expect nudity in a movie rated PG but I'm not complaining :). While she is being escorted to the sacrificial rock Perseus arrives at the theater where everything started but passes out from exhaustion. Zeus gives the commands to Poseidon to release the Kraken but while the rest of the gods are not looking intervenes and gets his son back on his feet.

After Andromeda is chained up some dudes blow some horns which I guess is suppose to alert the Kraken. It doesn't take long for this nasty sea beast to come to the surface. I don't have an image to show you but think of a four-armed dragon merman with a really bad attitude. According to Ray its was suppose to be an offspring of one of the Titans mating with a prehistoric reptile...Not the kind of image I want in my head.

When it looks like the princess is going to end up monster chow Bubo comes to the rescue only to get sent flying through the air and knocked out covered in Kraken snot. We then hear the flapping of wings as we see Perseus flying on Pegasus. They don't get very far and are both knocked into the ocean(Our heroes!). Perseus swims to shore and Bubo quickly wakes up and retrieves the bag with Medusa's head and tosses it to him. Before the Titan can do anything else Perseus holds head up towards the monster sealing its fate. As the Kraken turns to stone its heavy body falls apart and sinks to the bottom of the sea. Kind of anti-climatic if you ask me considering all the build up towards this.(ー_ー)*sigh*

Perseus frees Andromeda and tosses the head into the sea which apparently revives Pegasus somehow and then there was much rejoicing.

So Perseus and Andromeda get married, Ammon decides to turn this nightmare into a play, and Zeus brags about his son's victory(Even though he had to help him most of the time) and has constellations of Perseus, Pegasus, and Andromeda and her mother even though they did not do anything really and then the credits role.

And that was Clash Of The Titans wow what ride! So whats the verdict for this movie after all these years? I personally still like it and I feel it does deserve its place as a fantasy classic but I do see its flaws. Some characters are either boring or very undeveloped, some performances are hammy while others are very disappointing and some of the effects are cheesy though Harryhausen's work steals most of the show. I would recommend this people especially those who love adventure and fantasy but who are able to be open minded lower their expectations a bit.

Thank you all for joining me and stay tuned for an all new Lost and Forgotten Series Review! (≧∇≦)/

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Movie News From Reeler: It Cannot Be!

Do you folks remember a trading card game called the "Garbage Pail Kids"? It was an obvious spoof to the popular doll series the Cabbage Pail Kids but instead of being sweet, cutesy, and innocent the characters disgusting, gross, and violent as hell. See where I'm going with this? Now do you remember the feature length film adaption. I'm pretty sure I'm opening some old wounds just by mentioning it.

For those who are not familiar with it back in 1987 a movie based on the characters was released in theaters and it was awful completely unwatchable. It is a film that even to this is considered to be one of the worst. It not only failed at the box office but was met with scathing criticism from both viewer and movie critic alike. It was so bad and offensive that parents actually launched an all out protest against the film which eventually led it to being pulled from theaters.
There were so many things wrong with this movie that I don't know where to begin but among them were the ugly and creepy costumes going hand in hand with bad puppetry, poor acting, terrible jokes, and that stupid song in the middle of the film.

Its been 25 years since its release but it looks like this nightmare is going to have a sequel or a reboot to be exact. Yep it turns out as Deadline Hollywood reported that The Tornante Company is going to finance and develop a remake based The Garbage Pail Kids....God help us all.

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Recent News and Updates: Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

Last night during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises in a theater in Colorado 24 year old James Holmes walked through the emergency exit of theater 9 and threw tears gas into the audience before opening fire. In the ensuing chaos 14 people were killed and 57 others were seriously wounded. These numbers may change depending on the condition of the victims.

Holmes was apprehended and is now in custody. He told Police that he had explosives in his apartment and that he had it booby-trapped. Authorities had the complex quickly evacuated before they began disabling the trip wires, incendiary and chemical devices in his room. Its seems he had been planning this for sometime as he had not only brought several firearms with him but was wearing a bullet proof vest, a helmet, as well as protective gear for his arms and legs.

They have not found out Holmes' motive for this right now and an investigation is ongoing.

This shooting is now being described as the deadliest since the tragedy at the Columbine High School.

First off all I would like to start off by simply saying what the fuck. I am shocked, disgusted, and horrified by this. Now people cannot feel safe going to a movie theater anymore? I don't understand why people do shit like this. What is the purpose of attacking people? Thanks to this bastard they'll probably be installing metal detectors and armed guards patrolling the halls every waking minute. We go to the movies to escape from the world even for just a little while to have fun but now it looks like that is not the case anymore.

The distributors of Warner Bros were saddened by what had happened. As a result the premiere in Paris is of now canceled as well suspending any further marketing for the film in Finland.

 I will still see movie and give my input on it but not just now.

My deepest condolences to the victims' families and to those who were affected by this evil act.

Until next time this is Reeler.

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School Days: The Finale


Disclaimer: I do not own School Days nor any of the images you see here. I do however own this review.

Hey Folks its Reeler here!

     The last time we met we took a look at the anime known as School Days; a series that started off as an innnocent comedy about teenage romance which quickly spiraled down into a soul sucking train-wreck of a show. The characters are virtually unlikable whether they were shallow big breasted fetish targets, back-stabbers, liars, and even rapists. The biggest offender of the entire cast is our protagonist Makoto Ito a total jerkass who in the span of eleven episodes managed to bang just every one of the female characters. He is not only dull and a complete sleeze but lacks any sort of redeeming quality.

    You remember when I said that I wanted to do this review in order to add some flavor to the site well that was partly true. This show has been for some time been scratching at the back of my head since I had first watched it some time ago. At least two years back I was skimming through numerous Youtube videos of anime mostly out boredom. It was then I took notice of several comments on some of these videos. Several people began mentioning the series we are looking at here today their comments ranging in different forms of opinions some displaying feelings of shock, horror, or amazement. I had never heard of this show so I decided to check it out and located the entire series online. Most of the experience just as you have read here and in the first half of the review-painful. I was determined to finish this even if it killed me. So I took a deep breath, got comfortable, and loaded up the final episode and what I saw then I would not soon forget.

Episode 12: The last time we joined our cast of idiots was when we learned that Sekai might be carrying Makoto's child something he is not to happy about which puts further strain on their already troubled relationship he runs into Kotonoha while wandering around the city looking to find some tail and get away from his problems. He feels guilty about what he had done to her and tries to rekindle their relationship.
    When the episode starts we see Makoto at a fancy restaurant with Kotonoha where he is argueing with Sekai. They go back and forth with Makoto actually making it sound like its Sekai's fault for getting pregnant(Oh thats real nice!). He then tells her to leave his apartment and she does but on the way back to her own home she spots the couple on the trian and goes back to confront the two. Things go as smoothly as he guessed they would as they two girls start argueing with each other(Instead of yell at the idiot who has been cheating on them).
     Kotonoha suprises us when she suddenly goes all Sherlock Holmes on us as she puts everything together. She figured out Sekai was trying to keep he and Makoto separated and also informs her about Setsuna's feelings for Makoto as well. Makoto doesn't do jack to help with the situation as he just stands there completely indecisive about what he should do(If he is this bad with women then I would hate to see what would happen if he was in a drive-thru trying to choose a damn meal). The whole fight ends with Makoto and Kotonoha kissing passionately in front of Sekai while giving is unneeded close ups of their tongues dancing together. Sekai understandably runs out the place screaming.

This so wrong on so many levels!

     After that we see Sekai walking the city streets home compltetly distraught about what has happened then suddenly take this sudden and unexpected dive into her psyche. Its completely out of nowhere considering most of the show has been a damn soap opera so I honestly was not expecting any sort of psychology journeys or the like although I was not expecting anything that I was about see in this episode.
     The next morning Sekai wakes up to the sound of her phone ringing and quickly answers it hoping its Makoto wanting to take her back. It was from Makoto alright but it was not what she was hoping for. Yeeaaagh he sends her a text message asking her to get an abortion....She doesnt take it so well.
     The next scene we have Makoto and Kotonoha on the roof having a talk. Makoto apologizes to Kotonoha wishing make it up to her and Kotonoha hoping that things between them and Sekai will be alright and that they can be friends again. As the school day goes on(See what I did there?) Makoto gets a text from Sekai saying she wants to come to his apartment to talk things out. Makoto agrees to this.
     So here we people the last 5 minutes of the show. Literally the last 5 minutes! How do you suppose they end it? Well before we get into that I should clear a few things up. First of all I went into this series completely blind. I had no knowledge of its background or any of its previous incarnations(its original source material) because wheres the fun in that? But as I sat there staring at my computer as events unfolded I started wishing someone had warned me first,

Warning! What you are about to read and see not only contains major spoilers but also heavy and disturbing violence! 

Note: I do not own the following images!

     So here we are at Makoto's apartment. Sekai and him are sitting across from one another in awkward silence(Never a good sign). Makoto decides to make them some tea but Sekai says she would take care of it. Sekai starts making tea when she notices the remenants of the meal she was cooking him the previous night her face vacant and seemingly empty(Again not a good sign). Makoto sits twiddling his thumbs when he hears his phone in his room going off. He goes and picks it up not noticing Sekai sneaking up behnd him(You know whats coming people!).
Makoto stares at the phone confused as he recieves a text from Sekai saying "I'm sorry" then a blank text and then another and another. After several more a final one appears at the bottom that simply says "Goodbye".
      What happened next happened all within a minute. It started with me staring at my computer screen looking like this.


And ended with this!

     So yeah this is what everyone was talking about. The ending. This is what the entire thing was building up to people and believe it or not theres more where this came from!
     Sekai horrifid by what she has done runs out the apartment only for Kotonoha to discover her boyfriend's body.

Dont worry I'm sure she's taking it well
   While hiding in her apartment gets a text from Makoto saying to meet him on the roof of the school. But wait! Makoto is dead right? Or he just got better after a quick nap that always helps severe stab wounds and blood loss. Well like a total idiot she goes while of course not taking any chances and brings the knife she used.
    Once on the roof she does not find Makoto but a school bag on a bench(Once again never a good sign). She hears a voice and turns around to Kotonoha who is really really not looking her best. The two again start argueing over Makoto despite Kotonoha being clearly out of her mind. If you need proof she had cut off Makoto's head and put it in the school bag that was on the bench. Kotonoha doubts Sekai is really pregnant believing it was just a way for Sekai to cling on to Makoto and decides to see if she is actually her own way.
    The girl reveals a bloody dozuki(a Japanese backsaw) and slits Sekai's throat killing her quickly before cutting her open and concludes her late friend was lying(Even though its been only a day or so since she got "pregnant"). The last shot is Kotonoha on a boat holding her boyfriend's head as they dift off into the sea. The End.     
Now thats what I call


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Getting head!

      So after that "memorable experience I decided to finally do some research into this show and I learned that this was originally a eroge visual novel known infamously for its brutal endings. If I had known this going in I bet my reaction would have been very different. Hell I would have seen the fates of these characters sort of expected maybe not that gruesome but still. Makoto has been making terrible decisions that hurt those around him and took no sort of action to undo the damage until it was far too late. Sekai's plans backfired left and right only making things worse and Kotonoha no matter how sweet was not mentally sound what had happened to her just triggered what has been lying dormant inside(In my opinion).

    So some are probably asking do I hate this series? No. Hate is too strong of a word. It was not pleasent and I did not enjoy but no I do not hate School Days. Its certaintly not a show I would ever watch a second time though.

    Would I recommend this to any of my friends? No not really although I'm sure there at least some people who would get something out of it for one reason or another.

     And Thus we come to the end of our look into School Days: a tale of romance gone sour! Stay tuned for Part 2 of  my review of Clash Of The Titans and more Lost and Forgotten Series!

See you all next time!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Upcoming Reviews

Hey folks whats up? Just giving a quick heads up of my upcoming reviews that I will be posting soon.

1. School Days: What will become of our three main characters? Will Makoto fix the damage he has caused? Can Sekai save her relationship with the boy of her dreams? Is Kotonoha going to finally stand up for herself to win Makoto? Find out as we look at the shocking conclusion to School Days!

2. Clash Of The Titans: Here we will be rejoining Perseus our poofy haired hero as he tangles with deadly beast and obstacles to save his true love from the wrath of an ancient terror. Will he prevail?!?

Also stay tuned for an all new Lost and Forgotten Series!

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Recent News and Updates

Hey its Reeler.

Today I upgraded my computer to Internet Explorer 9 due to problems that were slowing down my computer. I noticed some of you who were following the site are not on the roster. I dont know if this is due to me upgrading or other reasons. You may have to join again or something.

I'll be posting this update on other sources in order to make sure everyone is aware of this.

See you guys next time!

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Movie News From Reeler: Ted Is Awesome!

Yesterday night me and some friends went to see the Seth MacFarlane film Ted. We attempted to get into the 7:30 show only to find ourselves walking into a theater that was absolutely jammed packed with people. So we tried for later shows twice only to have the same happen to us again. It was incredible how many people were there to see this! Finally we got into the 9:10 show that wasn't as crowded as the rest. We sat down and got comfortable as the movie started and without spoiling anything for any of you I can safetly say that it was well worth the effort. It was a ball from start to finish. Seth does an amazing job in both his performance as the titular character and how he handled the flow and direction of his movie. If your looking for a laughing good time then look no further Ted is here to keep you folks in stitches all the way to the end credits!

Disclaimer: I do not own Ted or the image here. They both belong to their respective owners.

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Something Random With Reeler

Did you know?
In 2008 an animated film titled Delgo was released. It was an amazing disaster being only available in 2000 theaters. It was the first film by Marc Alder but it would also be his last as well. The film suffered from multiple delays and despite finally releasing the movie it was a tremendous flop. It costed 40,000,000 dollars to make only making back 915,840 of its original budget and was panned by viewers and critics alike. In addition actor and actress John Vernon and Anne Bancroft both died not long after(before in Vernon's case) the movie was completed making it their final performance.

Movie News From Reeler: Coming Soon

 The Dark Knight Rises

Coming soon to theaters everywhere is the final entry to Christopher Nolan's epic saga of the Dark Knight trilogy. Be prepared because on July 20 "a fire will rises"!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dark Knight, the characters, or this image they all belong to their respective owners.

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School Days

Disclaimer: I do not own School Days nor any of the images you see here.
Ah Love...The greatest emotion anyone could ask for! The thing that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The thing that gives you a boost of strength, tickles your gut like a dozen butterflies or MAKES YOU WANNA SHOVE YOUR FACE THROUGH YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN!!!

Now I've decided to try something new here on A Reeler Movie Review. Instead of cheesy B-Movies from the 1950s and 60s(no matter how much fun they maybe) I decided that to look a something from this century from across the seas to the east. To be more specific Japan. The subject of today's review? School Days.

Yeah I know what your thinking. "Reeler your reviewing a bloody anime?!?" Well yes actually but this is no ordinary anime. This is one of legend but at the same time its horrible. So one could say its a "legendary sort of horrible" to quote another online reviewer. What so bad about it? What good about it that's the real damn question! This series was painful to sit through just unbearable that I'm amazed that I made it to the last episode(which is a real treat). So film buffs, followers, and otakus of all ages lend me your ears or your eyes actually as we look at School Days.

So I decided to do something a bit different in terms of format in this review instead of going into exact detail of what happens in every single episode I will be doing a summary of what occurs and at the same time my opinions on it. We have alot of ground to cover so lets get started.


Episode 1: In the first episode we are introduced to our main characters Makoto, Sekai, and Kotonoha. Makoto is our generic male protagonist(at first glance) who is in love with the shy and very well-endowed Kotonoha but he is too shy to approach her instead opting to watch on the bus from afar. He has set his background on his cellphone to a picture of his love interest(as a sort of charm I think). While sitting in class one day the girl next to him; Sekai sees this and offers the guy a hand in getting the two together. As time goes by in the episode Makoto and Kotonoha become friends and he finally grows a pair and tells her how he feels. After that Makoto thanks Sekai at the Train Station and she suddenly kisses him leaving the guy dumbstruck by this as she hopes on the train.
My Opinions: This seems to be just like every other romance series in anime. The character designs look generic. The characters feel like steriotypes you'd encounter in other series. Just everything. Thats what it seemed at first but as we go on you'll see the true colors of our cast.
Look generic but just about everyone here is a real bastad inside.
Episode 2: In the second episode we see Makoto and Kotonoha out on a date which goes ass over tits when he attempts to give her a kiss which intimidates her. When Sekai gets wind of this she tries to teach Makoto on better dating skills and improve his behavior before giving him a pair of tickets for him and Kotonoha. But the idiot screws up again which Sekai says is due to the latter moving too fast and tells him to apologize. Kotonoha tries avoid meeting with her boyfriend so its Sekai to the rescue. She talks with Kotonoha about her relationship and convinces her to give it another chance. Kotonoha meets Makoto at the train station and kiss him while from a distance Sekai watches them.
My Opnions: Again nothing seems out of the ordinary besides Makoto being very impatient and clumsy while Kotonoha is rather meek. But aside from that they act like ordinary teenagers who are trying to deal with their problems and save their relationship. Sekai on the other hand seems to be a friendly individual who just wants to help her friends. But its all lies! Lies I tell you!!! This is just the build up to road of crap we are all about to walk down barefoot just you wait! It gets bad fast.

Episode 3: Things seem to be looking for the happy couple so far but something seems to bothering Kotonoha. After spending much time together along with her younger sister she finally reveals what has been troubling her. It here that I expect a serious problem to arise. Was she pregnant? Is she moving? Does she have an inner insecurity that she feels she needs to get off her chest? NO! It turns out that she wanted them to start addressing each other their first names(Not much of a dilemma) Makoto agrees and things seems pretty dandy. During the night Makoto calls Sekai and talks to her about the date saying that being with Kotonoha is boring.
My Opinons: Most of this episode seems like just a lot of padding since the problem that seemed to be arising turned out to be nothing so this whole thing could have been done in less than five minutes. Its only at the end of the episode does the real story get started...Oh Goody.

Episode 4: Makoto is approached by Sekai who asks him about what he said to her last night but is unable to make himself clear. We next see Kotonoha and Makoto trading saliva on the roof when the latter tries to cop a feel which spoils the mood. Kotonoha calls up Sekai once again who says that Makoto is still moving too fast. The next day Sekai talks to Makoto and gets the truth out of him. Makoto tells Sekai that he wants his relationship with Kotonoha to become sexual and Sekai tells him she would teach him. (I don't see any possible that this would backfire at all.) She takes him on a "mock" date and later to the roof of the school allowing him to actually strip and fondle her. (Again nothing can go wrong with this plan). After that Kotonoha invites Makoto to a new water park.
My Opinions: Yep its here that we see the first signs of trouble. Makoto really needs to think with the head on his shoulders instead of the one between his legs and Sekai is adding kindle to a small ember. Only time will tell when that will spark into a vicious inferno. Things are gonna get stupid.

Episode 5: In this episode Makoto and Kotonoha go to a water park along with Sekai and friends, Setsuna, Hikari, and Taisuke. Everyone seems to be having fun splashing about except Makoto who isn't happy with his relationship despite Kotonoha's affection towards him. Sekai sees this and pulls Makoto aside yet again!(How many times has she had to lecture this idiot?). She tell him that they are just friends and nothing more which seems to leave Makoto questioning his feelings. He soon comes to terms with his true feelings for Sekai and goes to see her. Makoto isnt the only one feeling conflicted as Sekai is haunted by her conflicting emotions as well as her conscience she seems unable to decide what to do. She eventually decides to return Makoto's feelings and the two go to her apartment where they find themselves bumping uglies(How touching *Sarcasm mode*).
My Opinions: And its all down hill from here people. All down hill. I know these things happen. People make poor choices and mistakes. But really?!? Makoto has messed up big time and this wont be the first idiotic choice he makes! Oh no! He is just getting started! And Sekai is not without fault either. This is the kind of crap many of us try to avoid in freaken high school and now I'm watching it, how lovely.

Episode 6: After snogging last night Sekai and Makoto begin to see each other more often. Sekai however starts feeling bad that she is seeing Makoto behind Kotonoha's back and tells Makoto to tell her the truth. (Now things could have ended if He had done so. Yes it would have been a bitter ending but it would have been at least a logical ending and we could have cut this whole bull shit in two). Makoto instead avoids her and even sinks to a whole new low when he lies to her about everything only for her to spot him and Sekai kissing. Despite seeing it with her own eyes she refuses to believe it. Makoto continues to avoid Kotonoha inorder to be with Sekai. Things backfire when she is let out early and rushes to meet Makoto on the roof(exactly where he and Sekai!). She stops however when she hears Sekai confess her love to Makoto.
My Opinions: My god Makoto is a prick! This entire mess started because he couldn't keep it in his pants. We're only have way through this series and I already want to pull my hair out and down an entire jug of drain cleaner!
Makoto AKA The Douche
Episode 7: While things were already bad things get far worse when Sekai's best friend Setsuna believes that Makoto and Kotonoha have split up and starts to spread it through the whole damn school(Oh good old gossip). While looking cute on the outside she proves herself to be a total pain in the ass as she tries to keep Kotonoha away from Makoto and even goes far enough to put her number on Makoto's blocklist(That little bastard >_>). Makoto suprisingly starts to think thats all this that Setsuna is doing is a bit much. Sekai suspects Makoto of falling back in love with Kotonoha and things only complicate further when her "rival"(Not a really appropriate term I know) shows up at Makoto's place. Makoto despite seeing that the poor girl has a serious case of deniel going on unblocks her and make a promise(A rather empty one) to dance with her at the upcoming festival. Sekai is not too happy about this and leaves only to run into Kotonoha who bitch slaps her.
My Opinions: Oh for pity's sake is everyone of these people complete and utter idiots? I've been through both middle school and high school so I got a great front row seat to all the silly drama that ensued between my peers but this is crazy. For all the talk of high school's real life soap operas I never encountered anything this ridiculous. In truth I have seen worse things in my own middle school then all four years at high school or college.

Episode 8: Ah the festival approaches and everyone is getting ready for the big day. However things with our cast are not going so well in fact things are getting more out of hand. Sekai does not show up at school after trying to keep her boyfriend from being anywhere near Kotonoha. She is still worried that Makoto is still in love with Kotonoha even though he insists that he loves her. When the festival finally got started its pretty chaotic with the entire place teeming with excited students. Things get a little hectic when the volunteers try to bring customers into the school's cafe and leaves everything a complete mess(I've been in plenty of situations like this for some of the high school functions I did and trust me things can get a little crazy) so Makoto is sent with Setsuna to grab extra supplies. It looks like our little miss jailbait has a long standing crush on our idiot protagonist after we have a flash back and kisses him while he is sleeping only to be spotted by Kotonoha(This seems to happen to her a lot doesnt it?).
My Opinions: Well I should not be suprised to see someone else someone else jump into this tangeled mess of a love story and with the number of female characters vs males its seems pretty definite that others will be jumping in. I seriously dont get the appeal of these sort of stories I never did actually. Soap Operas are cheesy as hell, the teen love stories are sickeningly sticky sweet and romance anime are just too cutesy that its almost lethal. Well lets move on to episode 9 shall we?

Episode 9: Kotonoha talks to Setsuna about her kissing Makoto. She feels that could deeply hurt Sekai if she ever found out. The next day of the festival is going on and everyone is having a jolie good time and la de da. Taisuke(The only other dude in this entire cast and pitiful and hopeless romantic) runs into Kotonoha and believes that she and Makoto have broken up despite her claims that they have not. We next see Makoto walking around the festival with his friend Otome but the two are sepperated by a suspicious Sekai. Makoto then suddenly has a brain fart when he looks at phone to discover he has missed a dozen text messages from Kotonoha remembering he had promised her that he would dance with her. He rushes over to meet with her only to bump into Otome who pulls him into a lounge where they start snogging(Smooth Makoto real smooth). The next we see Makoto he is dancing with Sekai around the bonfire like nothing happened. Meanwhile Taisuke who is pretty desperate for some tail does the most logical thing for someone in his predicatement...he rapes a classmate namely Kotonoha(3 more episodes just 3 more episodes and it will be over). (>_<)
 My Opinions: Oh lovely! Rape. Couldnt leave that out could ya? Why is it that so many animes have girls half-naked or completely, panty shots, shower scenes, or some poor victim getting raped or probed by tentacles. What is the appeal!? I mean really! Do people honestly get turned on seeing naked cartoons? We are at least lucky to be spared such grim imagery this episode but c'mon!

Episode 10: After being raped by Taisuke this episode adds insult to injury by having Kotonoha watch on alone as Makoto and Sekai dance together(So fucked up). If that wasnt enough Sekai who still is not convinced that Makoto has not ended his relationship with Kotonoha which ends up with Makoto telling Kotonoha he doesn't like her anymore(The day after he was raped and lied to!) which pretty much breaks the poor girl. During sometime later at night our jerkass protagonist is no where to be seen until Setsuna finds him once again humping Otome's brains out. Setsuna visits him later at his apartment pleading with him to not sleep with with anyone else but Sekai offering to have sex with him if he does(Because that makes sense right?). He promises abliet a half-assed one which I am sure will not be broken in anyway possible *sarcasm mode*. The drama is taken up a notch when the girl's basketball team shows a video of couples screwing(IN SCHOOL!) one of them being Makoto and Otome. Sekai sees this and is understandably less than thrilled. She tries to get ahold of her douchebag boyfriend but he does not answer his phone. She goes out to find him only to run into Kotonoha who has obviously seen better days who tells her that Makoto is with Setsuna.
My Opinions: You know as I watched this there was one question that always stirs in the back of my mind when ever I see this series and it is this: Where the hell are the parents? Or for that matter where are the teachers or just adults in general I mean with so much craziness going on you'd think someone would at least step forward and try sort things out. *sigh* No point in complaining we only got two more to get through so onward readers.

Episode 11: Setsuna has left for France and the loss of her best friend devastates Sekai who doesn't show up at school and is also feeling a bit sick and has been throwing up lately which she believes means that she is pregnant. We soon learn that Hikari another of Sekai's friends is sleeping with Makoto(What do these girls even see in him?). Sekai confronts Makoto at school telling him that he is the father of her child. Soon after Sekai does this just about every girl breaks off any contact with him. Otome even stops talking for the reason that she feels that he has changed and is not the same person she met long ago(She maybe a bit bitchy but she is really the only person to have any sort of common sense at this point). Although its screwing with Makoto's day Sekai is feeling pretty chipper that he is the father as she begins cooking dinner at his place. Our protagonist on the other hand goes around looking for a lay and happens upon Kotonoha who really looks like she needs some serious therapy. Her state is so heartwrenching that it even reduces our idiot to tears who apologizes to her. This actually is enough to bring her back to her senses and Kotonoha hugs him.

Now folks we will be stopping here for now. Why you may ask? Well in truth all this we have looked at today is really a build up to the finale. The final episode alone is what stands above the entirety of this story so much so that in needs its own review. I know this a serious cliffhanger to leave this review on but trust me audience it will be well worth it!

So staytuned ladies and gentlemen for the conclusion to School Days!

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Movie News From Reeler: Released In Theaters Today

     Hey Folks its Reeler here hows it going? Today released in theaters on July 3,2012 is the first installment of the reboot to Stan Lee's famous web-spinning crime fighter Spider-man. Tickets are on sale now so if you are in the mood for another superhero epic go check it out.

Note: I do not own this image. It belongs to its respective owners and Marvel Entertainmant. Please support the official release. :)