Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back In Time Adventures With Reeler: Teen Titans

Note: I do not own Teen Titans, its characters, or any of the images and videos you see here. I do however claim ownership of this review.

Hey everyone I'm back! So after reviewing several horror movies I decided to look at something more lightheated. This is Teen Titans TV series!

Based on the DC comic book series of the same name the show revolves around five superpowered teens as they defend their city from all sorts of baddies. Seems pretty straight forward right? Well actually there is alot more to this than just mindless fighting and explosions this isn't a Michael Bay movie(Thank God). While the show does have its action its also very character driven each member of the team learning to deal with their limits, facing their pasts, and bonding as a team.

Each character in Teen Titans brought something different to the show and were actually pretty relatable too. We have the leader of the team Robin The Boy Wonder who is both skilled and determined but at times can be very hotheaded. Starfire an alien with superhuman strength and the ability shoot bolts of energy whose compassion hold the team together even through the darkest of times. Cyborg the half-man half-machine ass-wooper who struggles with the loss of his body that causes him to be different from others. The comedic Beast Boy who can turn into any animal but can't make a girl laugh. Lastly we have the fan favorite Raven the mystic psychic played by the lovely Tara Strong. Among the many heroes are some awesome villains among them is the criminal mastermind Slade portrayed by the badass Ron Perlman and Trigon a demon lord set on wiping out the world itself.

 As I had mentioned earlier the series is character driven with each of the main characters getting their very own story arc where we learn about their personal past as they confront an old enemy or face their own personal demons. It was amazing seeing a show with so much character development considering that so many shows back then were simply scenarios where there is alot of slap stick humor and noise so it was pretty refreshing. Although on Nickelodeon the popular Avatar The Last Airbender series was airing around the same time so its nice that both of these channels had something unique to offer their viewers.

In terms of the shows animation if you had watched the video above in the beginning you'll notice its very similar to anime in appearance which is prevalent throughout the show especially in its more humorous moments as well as the opening song which is performed by the pop idols Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi which will sometimes switch between the English and Japanese versions.

While we are on the subject of the animation I would like to quickly comment on the fight sequences for those who maybe curious. While the animation can be sometimes cutesy or gritty when the situation arises the fights feel well feel stiff. Don't get me wrong for the most part the show looks pretty sharp. The problem in my opinion is that they animators loved to use Speedlines way to much which can get very annoying at times depending how important this is to you in a show.
The show while initially aimed at younger children it soon became widen to a larger audience and not surprisingly it was a big hit. It had a pretty damn good run lasting for lasting for five seasons with a total of 65 episodes as well as having a feature length film titled Teen Titans:Trouble In Tokyo. Although its no longer airing any new episodes it still has a loyal fanbase to this day. I have however heard that the series will be revived in 2013 as Teen Titans Go! which will be more comedic than its predecessor. How this new show will be received by fans of the old and newcomers is yet to be seen all I can say though is that this fanboy has his fingers crossed.

Overall Teen Titans is a solid superhero show with alot to offer and is definitely worth checking out. Its a bit tricky to find as of now though. You can try your luck online but finding a site that is both safe and has all the episodes is a quest and it has yet to come to Netflix but is available on DVD.

So check out Teen Titans and stay tuned for more reviews here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer. If you have seen this show share your thoughts and opinions. If you have any comments or questions put them in the Comments Section below. See ya next time!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Strange Mooovie: Isolation Review

Note: I do not own Isolation or the video and image you see here. However I do claim ownership of this review.

Today's movie is well...different from the others we have looked at in the past mainly due to it being both a mixed bag and a rather unappreciated gem of a horror movie. In this review we look at Billy O'Brien's 2005 film Isolation.

The film takes place on a farm on its very last legs it's owner Dan in need of money allows scientist John and his old girlfriend and vet Orla to perform some experiments on his cows. Not too far from the farm a runaway couple is taking refuge from some ticked off family members who soon find themselves caught in the middle of a nightmare. Soon these five individuals soon discover the terrifying truth of what has been done when the experiment goes horribly wrong bring something into this world that should have never been born.

As a kid growing up I saw lots and lots of movies of just about every kind but the kind I enjoyed the most out of all was the horror genre. Yeah my folks were pretty easy going when it came to movies about bloodthirsty monsters and serial killers so I took advantage of the opportunity and watched as many as I could get my hands on.

So several years pass and I'm about fourteen years of age. Its at this point of age I was convinced that I had saw everything had to throw at me from man-eating sharks, zombies, possesions, chainsaw-wielding nutballs, demonic clowns, to even killer tomatoes. That's was until I came across Isolation. Why? Because it is the first movie I have ever seen to have killer cow fetuses as their star creatures(Stop Laughing!).

Despite the concept sounding absolutely silly it is executed pretty well in this movie. I guess its the films grim, dirty, and cold atmosphere which was inspired by O'Brien's own experiences as a child that really help here because as I watched this movie I actually got the sensation of being completely isolated along side the characters who are brought to life through top notch performances of the actors and convincing allowing to be further immersed in film.

Skip to 3:48 to 5:07 for the scene that left me stabbing each hamburger I ate.


As for the creature effects they are on the border between good to decent. While there are some good gory moments the creatures for the most if not all the time are obscured in darkness and are briefly seen. I guess it is due to the film's minimal budget for practical effects. Also its pretty damn hard to make a cheeseburger menacing...

The movie was surprisingly well received winning a total of nine awards three of those being the Horror Jury Prizes for Best Film, Best Director, and Best Cinematography at the Austin Fantastic Fest. Among the general audiences though you get mix of opinions both good and bad.

When it comes to the plot its nothing the average movie goers hasn't seen before but it still manages to stay strong through most of the movie but the third act is extremely weak with a twist that you could see coming from a mile away.
Today however despite the success of this film O'Brien hasn't been doing much lately. In 2011 he did a Sy-Fy original film called ferocious planet buts about it. Maybe this due to Isolation's lack of notice although its not hard to find at all as the entire movie is on YouTube, available on DVD, and currently streaming on Netflix.

Isolation is a pretty good film despite its flaws. While its not anything ground breaking it still worth at least a watch. It shows how great atmosphere, music, and acting can make up for a lack of visual effects.

If you  have seen this before movie please share your experience in the comments section below and let me know what you think. And remember be careful the next time you order a burger because it just may bite your tongue off. Until next time everyone!

Rating: 8.2/10

Friday, August 24, 2012

Something Random

Hey people how you all doing? So yesterday for the first time ever I went down to the theater/diner known as Chunky's and wow what a different experience it was from your standard movie theater. First off its alot more comfortable than having to sit in rows of seats elbow to elbow with some complete stranger. At Chunky's you get a reclinable and very comfy chair as well as a table. Unlike other theaters where you have to stand in line waiting to order from the concession stand it comes to you from waiters who are very friendly and always nearby. The food is great giving a large selection of meals and drinks you can even order a nice cold beer. Now your thinking the food has got to be very pricey well I would say its reasonable which is alot more than I could about places like Showcase which charges you 5 to 6 dollars for popcorn that is mostly likely gone stale. Entry into the theaters is set a good price with occasions having days where admission is absolutely free of charge. So all you move goers out there head to your nearest Chunky's you wont be disappointed!

Below here is a link to the mainsite if you need more information about the place. Let me know if any of you are having trouble with the link at all.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movie News From Reeler

Hey guys hows it going? I was just surfing the web when I came upon some interesting news. Apparently the rumored remake of the 1988 killer doll flick Child's Play will actually be a direct-to-video sequel with Brad Dourif returning to his role as the famous psychotic doll Chucky. Production for the movie is set to begin in September. I have also found out that a video game based on the franchise is now being developed by TikGames and is said to be set to released sometime in 2012. I don't know too much about TikGames but I wish them luck and hope they can pull it off to create a real bloody good time for gamers!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Something Random With Reeler

Did You Know?
In the year 1990 a sitcom featuring fictional versions of the dictator Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun titled "Heil Honey I'm Home" was produced in England and aired on the 30th of September only to be canceled after just one episode. It was described by Television historian Marian Calabro to be "perhaps the world's most tasteless situation comedy" and to this very day remains as one of the most controversial TV series ever spawned.

The Thing 2011

Note: I do not own The Thing or the images you see here they all belong to their respective owners. I do however claim ownership of this review.

    In 1982 director John Carpenter released a sci-fi/horror film titled The Thing in theaters and although it was a box office bomb and was met with very mixed reviews from critics it swiftly became over the years a cult classic and one of the best horror films ever. I love this movie. It not only had great acting and direction but built an claustrophobic atmosphere of isolation and the sense of extreme paranoia and even to this day it remains in my top ten. Nine years later the director of the "Dawn Of The Dead" remake released a prequel film to the story and wow was my reaction the complete fuckin opposite!

    If I haven't made it clear to any of you than I shall do so right here and now I hate remakes and prequels. I believe they are pointless and are merely ways for directors to cash in on the success of the original. This movie is one of many. Its suppose to explain how the Norwegians found the titular alien and destruction of the camp and already there several problems with this idea. First this is unnecessary considering anyone who has seen the first one knows well what happened to these poor bastards.Secondly although it has the potential of answering some questions it risks creating new ones or worse plothholes. Last the effects department which right off the bat I knew this movie was going to be completely doomed in. Not to mention but the movie has the same title as the 1982 movie what they couldn't think of a subtitle of something talk about lazy.

     I first got word about this movie through some rumors going around the web. I didn't think much of it till I saw the bootleg of the teaser trailer and while although I couldn't see jack shit it seemed to have some promise. That quickly changed as I learned about the film's production. It turns out that this was originally suppose to a remake but fearing backlash from fans of the original they decided to make it into a prequel instead although that didn't stop people from getting pissed off. I tried to remain optimistic but I had a feeling that this was going to be a shipwreck as the official trailer went viral along with several clips and I was less than impressed by what I saw and the reviews I read didn't help any.

    So after alot of waiting October finally rolls around and two of my friends and I head for the theater for an evening show and get our tickets. We get into our theater and I noticed that there was decent crowd surprisingly so I thought maybe this movie will be at least OK. We took the top row seats and got comfortable as the upcoming attractions began. It wasn't long soon after that out main attraction began.

Now I not going to do a full review of the entire thing(No pun intended) but I will go through the positive and negative aspects of the film.

    So first lets start with the good parts of the flick. Well the sets are pretty good especially when we finally get to see the inside of the ship. Mary Elizabeth Winstead does a darn good job despite the pressure and insults thrown at her from those who thought she wouldn't be able to stand on the same level of badasss as Kurt Russel and the other actors were fine. There was also a funny joke in the beginning of the movie between the Norwegians and um and well...Ok to be honest there isn't alot that I liked in this movie. I tried really hard to lower my expectations and be open minded about it but my god what a mess and its a shame too because this might have been good  but that was just wishful thinking when I saw the final product. Its gloves off at this point people because we have alot to go through here!

Split-Face smiling for the camera

     While the acting was good the characters were background pieces waiting to get mutilated and assimilated by the monster. We never have anytime to get to know any of them so there is no weight when one of them buys the farm or turns out to be an alien. In 1982 film every character from MacReady to even the cook felt like a real human being and you believed that they were in a situation that they were quickly losing control of as paranoia takes over. Here we only get a two minute scene of the characters laughing and singing before the alien busts out and starts wrecking shit. Not mention everyone besides Winstead's character is bumbiling idiot!

     This brings me to my second problem the movie lacks all sense of drama, mystery, and suspense things that made Carpenter's film so amazing. We get no build up because the movie doesn't stop to take a breather constantly bombarding us with scenes of the aliens charging down the halls gutting the cast and things blowing up. This is also made worse by the lack of atmosphere because as I was watching it I didn't get that feeling of being trapped and isolated from the rest of the world.

Kate and Carter torching the Thing

      Now to the one I'm sure many people are waiting for me to get to: The effects. I know I'm going to sound like so many other reviewers but I'm still going say it....WHATS WITH ALL THIS DAMN CGI?!? I know when used correctly it can create some amazing things but on the other hand it can be seriously abused and it shows here. On several occasions you get moment where practical effects are used but for the most part its computer generated and its rampant through the whole movie. The monsters were not that creative either two of them look like murderous walking vaginas, and the one from the ice block is so obscured by the darkness that you cant see much of it before it gets roasted. Only  two of the creatures were any good. One was the ugly mutha in the climax and the other was the iconic "Split-face" from the first movie. What makes things all the more worse is that the producers kept saying they would as much as possible with practical effects. They even had such talented special effects artists like Tom Woodruff Jr working on this project but it feels like their talents were totally wasted here. What alot of people enjoyed about the 1982 film was the clever use of practical effects which brought a sort of realism to the monsters making them appeared to be just as much flesh and blood as the actors on set.

     The movie tries to pay loving tribute to Carpenter's movies by laying "Easter Eggs" throughout but unfortunately doesn't work either. Foe example when Kurt Russel and Richard Masur find the block of ice there is a clean hole in the center of it suggesting that the Norwegians cut it out. However as we see in the movie the Thing busts out of the ice like the fucking Kool Aid Man which should have left the block in pieces or at least alot more of a mess! Another one was the axe in the door when Winstead and Edgerton are hunting the alien Edgerton chops one of the smaller Things with the axe he is wielding and gets it embedded in a door but he tries to retrieve it Winstead stops him and tells him to leave it with explanation as to why.

     The biggest problem with this movie however is that it is boring! B-O-R-I-N-G! I do not how you make a movie with a hideous alien, people getting ripped apart or dosed in flames, and shit being blown up dull and unexciting but the director sure did find a way to. All the way through this movie I was shifting uncomfortably in my seat looking at my watch while my companions sat there beside me with their eyes glazed over.

    So movie ends and the audiences solemnly exits the theater. As I got out of my seat I let out a sigh and followed my friends out a part of me accepting the fact that this movie fell flat on its face like so many others like it and that I should just move on with my chin held high. Other part of me however wanted to run into the projection booth, beat the projectionist into submission with my shoe, and floss the reels of this movie between my ass cheeks!

    I do know whats going on with filmmakers today have they all just gotten lazy? It seems that most movies these days have been re adaptations, remakes, and prequels as if no one has any sort of fresh ideas or ambition. I really worry about the film industry and wonder if it will ever get its damn act together.

     My verdict for this movie is a mixed one. If you are a fan of John Carpenter's film I suggest that you skip it as doesn't really have anything offer to the fans. If you haven't however than this shouldn't be such a bad experience but don't expect anything ground breaking from it. If I was to give it a score it would be 6 out of 10 and that's being generous!

     So that's the end of this review remember if you have any comments or questions please feel free to put them in the comments section below the article and stay tuned for future reviews and movie news here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer! See ya next time!

SCORE: 6/10

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Denpa Teki na Kanojo

Note: I do not own Denpa Teki na Kanojo nor the image above.
Holy hell I love this OVA! Its amazing simply amazing! This a lost diamond in the anime world and the subject of today's article this is Denpa Teki na Kanojo(Electromagnetcic Girlfriend).

Sorry I got a little excited there for a moment. Its just that this series left a huge impression on me which is amazing considering how short it was. Denpa Teki na Kanojo was a  light novel series written by Kentaro Katayama and illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto. There were a total of three novels released and in 2009 a two episode OVA was released. It didn't cause much of a splash and left very few ripples but most of the people who were lucky enough to find it were more than pleased by what they saw I know I was.

The anime is a mix of several genres. Its part romance, horror, drama, mystery, and psychological thriller so there audiences are bound to least find something in it they would enjoy but its not going to be everyone's cup of tea. Both episodes are about 40 minutes each so its pretty much the same running time of your average animated film and use their time well to get through their individual plots. The OVA contains bloody violence, some language, and a scene of rape so I would recommend this only to mature audiences.

The plot revolves around Ju Juzawa a delinquent with seemingly no direction in his life who spends most of his days fighting. Things forever change for him when he meets an odd girl named Ame who claims to have a connection to him from a previous life. Ju is understandably weirded out and avoids Ame. However when a classmate is brutally slain he reluctantly accepts her help to track down the perpetrator. That's the plotline for the first episode.

In the second episode our protagonist try to solve the obscure mystery of the Happiness Club which seems to determined to steal the happiness of others in order to fill the void in their lives and takes a very deep look at people and ourselves.

The characters are a pretty decent cast; Ame is a strange girl who obviously a bit crazy but at the same time has a genuine love for Ju which shows itself one several occasions. Ju seems to be your typical Shonen delinquent turned hero but he does seem to have some hidden depths but we never get to learn anything in either of the two episodes. In terms of character the ones that definitely steal the spotlight are the antagonists; individuals whose hearts have been twisted by events that were out of their control and lash out at the world around them.

The animation is on and off but does come through with some stunning moments in its visuals and atmosphere especially in the first episode.

If I had to say anything negative about the anime is that its only really good for a single watch but despite that its a rewarding experience so I recommend it highly even if  you don't watch anime. Its a bit of a task to locate though as it hasn't been licensed since its release three years ago so its highly doubtful that it will ever reach American shores or anywhere else for that matter but I did manage to find it subbed on several anime sites like AnimeFreak.

So check out Denpa Teki na Kanojo and remember to stay tuned for future reviews and movie news here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer!

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Lost and Forgotten Series #4

Note: I do not own Super Duper Sumos or the image and video you see here.

Hey its Reeler here and all I can say is what the flying monkeys smeared on barbecue sauce on the moon with big boobed panda eating jellybean fuck did I just see? Again what the fuck?!? When I started doing "Lost and Forgotten" I expected to run into some bad shows here and there but damn does this take the entire cake and then shoves it into its fat fuckin face!

Super Duper Sumos is a 2001 cartoon that had aired on Nickelodeon. It was about a trio of sumo wrestlers that fought evil using their butts(I am not joking with you). Most of the show consisted our heroes going on adventures and defending their home Generic City(No that's actually what its really called) from an evil organization called Bad Inc. The entire thing is stupid beyond belief and I'm guessing most of the world thought so too because it only lasted 26 episodes(Thank God).

I barely remember this show at all so there isn't alot I say about it. All I could find was the opening and several poorly filmed segments of the first episode and a lets play of a video game based  on the show who thought this would make money is a mystery to me. Amazingly enough a DVD of the cartoon was released I guess the creators knew that this turd boat was sinking fast and acted before it was canceled

From what I could tell most of the jokes revolve around the fact that the characters are obese and like to eat alot oh and one of them seems to enjoy talking about his ass. Every episode as our heroes "Sumo Size" every time they fight the villains like in Power Rangers only it sucks.

To end my little review of this lard filled mess I give you the opening sequence. Watch at your own risk people! Even the guy who uploaded it was apologetic for it(Never a good sign).


So that was another Lost and Forgotten Series review sorry its a bit short but I did not have a whole lot to work with this time. If you have any comments or questions please put them below in the Comments Section. Until next time!

Back In Time Adventures With Reeler: Dexter's Laboratory

      Note: I do not own Dexter's Laboratory nor the images and videos you see here.

     Today we look at one of Cartoon Network's earliest series Dexter's Laboratory which to me was one of the best shows that channel ever aired. The series follows Dexter a boy genius who has a secret lab in his room that he keeps hidden from the eyes of his family and the rest of his world except for his destructive older sister Dee Dee.
     The show began airing in 1999 and ran for four seasons with a total of 78 episodes and 221 segments before ending in 2003. It also had video games, toys, music, and a made-for-T.V special titled "Ego Trip". The series quickly became a major hit and is considered to be one of Cartoon Network's most successful shows even to this day being described as both great fun for kids and adults as well.
     So what made Dexter's Laboratory such a hit? Well strap on your rubber gloves and lets take a closer look shall we?

Just another day in the lab...
     First off lets look at our cast of characters. Dexter our main character is short tempered half-pint with a brain that would make Einstein weep with envy who can create high tech devices and a super intelligent computer and a monkey who he unknowingly turned into a crime fighting hero. However at the same time he is a total butt monkey having his lab destroyed on a daily basis by his sister Dee Dee. Dee Dee is pretty much is a  destructive force of nature taking the form of a young girl always wrecking everything in her site all the while spouting her catchphrase "Oooo what does this button do?". The parents are a strange pair the mother a germaphobe while the father borders on the levels between goofy to out of his freaken mind. Last we have Dexter's rival and archenemy Mandark who stops at nothing to bring our boy genius to ruin.

      Episodes are divided into segments each with a different storyline. Sometimes instead of following Dexter we sometimes get short segments with his pet monkey in "Dial M For Monkey" as he saves the world from evil. Other times we follow the lives of a bumbling trio of super heroes in "The Justice Friends" as they try to get through their days without killing themselves.

     The humor of this show is as I said flexible enough to be enjoyable regardless of age and can pretty clever from time to time. On several occasions they show make references to both popular culture and even other shows. Some of the jokes will go right over the heads of younger viewers while some pretty daring and others I'm amazed even got by the censors. Here below is a good example.


  Now if a friend asked me back when this show was still around if I would recommend it I would've have definitely said yes. It was a good show so much so that it changed the direction of Cartoon Networl completely because of the way it was made in both its design and how it was directed. Today however its not easy to find this series I seldom come across DVDs of the show but episodes are available on iTunes and you can find them on Amazon both new and used. It may take a bit of digging but its well worth the effort so folks if you get the opprtunity check this cartoon out it is quite the gem.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Top Ten Dumbest Things I Have Ever Sat Through

Today's article says it all people! I'm going share with you the top ten things that I deemed be so mind numbingly stupid to watch that they earned their own list on this site. So here we go starting from number ten and up the dumbest movies and shows I have ever seen!

Note: I do not own any of the movies and shows nor any of the images you see here below.


      I hate direct to video sequels in general but this one pissed me off to end. Not only is it a bad film but unnecessary as well with pointless musical numbers, lack of originality, little to no character development, and the dumbest twist I have ever seen that still has me banging my head against a wall every time I'm reminded of it. The worst offense is when it take a lovely dump on the face of the original a film which h I hold dear to my heart since I saw it.


       I know I'm going to hear about this from someone but I'm sorry I did not like this show at all. I really had a hard time understanding the appeal. Its just so boring! There is nothing about it that I found funny, clever, or even exciting! Its just modern daily lives but with dinosaurs and other creatures being used as appliances that's it! To top it all off the laugh track was annoying as fuck insulting my intelligence every time I hear it




    Its bad enough that the first Alien vs. Predator movie was total let down after so much hype but this was just adding insult to grievous injury! The characters were all boring stereotypes that were just there to get torn apart, the pacing and direction was a mess, and yes the effects were pretty good that is if I could even see them since many scenes take place in the fucking dark! They even had the nerve to build up towards a sequel after slapping the faces off the fanbase!


     This movie really should be higher on the list but I will in no way give it that honor. The entire thing is so dumb and cheap as hell that it uses wind-up toy robots in its opening and closing credits. Its day on this site will come one day though.


     Wow I've seen many shows that were just big gimmicks and half hour commercials to sell their products but really Sketchers? Sketchers?!? Geez I wonder why it only lasted a season!


      Oh God why!?! Fuck me this was shit! A 1-3 minute joke turned into an 80 minute long torture session! That fucking voice is still ripping into my skull and crawling all over my soul like a hagfish! Not only that but it actually got sequels?!? I've got nothing against Lucas but one can only drag a joke on for so long before it gets tired and annoying!


     The title translates to "Demon Lord Dante". I remember watching this On Demand a long time ago and is one of the worst experiences I've had with Anime period! It may look bad ass but do not be deceived good people as I was this is a horrid piece of animation. I may review this some day down the road but for now it's evil is too great for me to speak of.


     Rock climbing just rock climbing...(See my review for more details).


     This has to be the laziest, dullest, and poorest piece of cinema ever with an ending so bad that it has left it's rotten mark on the world of film forever!

And now people for the Top Dumbest Think I Have Ever Sat Through!


     All I can really say about this movie is simply this...

And that everyone was my first Top Ten List. If you have any comments or questions about my choices please put them below in the comment section. See ya next time! (^o^)丿

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Chaser

Note: I do not own The Chaser or the image you see here.

Former detective Eom Joong-ho now spend his day working as a pimp but soon finds himself in financial trouble when two of his girls vanish. When one of prostitutes quits he decides to send one of his few remaining girls Mi-jin to a customer. Joong-ho suddenly discovers that this customer is the exact same one that he had sent the previous girls to. Believing that this person might be selling his girls he decides to investigate but soon learns the truth is far worse than he could ever imagine. Today we look at Na Hong-jin's 2008 film Chugyeogja(The Chaser).

South Korea has been making some impressive movies lately and this one is no exception. Its a dark, gritty and chilling thriller and quickly became a personal favorite of mine.

The first thing that stands out is the setting which mostly takes place at night in dark neighborhoods and alleyways going hand in hand with a terrific score that adds to the atmosphere that at times goes from being haunting and eerie to down right terrifying but still having a sort of subtly to it and is one of the film's major strengths. There are several moments in the movie that stuck with even as the credits slowly rolled up the screen.

The second is the performances of the actors which are absolutely amazing but be forewarned that this movie is in subtitles as there is no official dub available. Kim Yoon-seok plays our protagonist who in my opinion is a pretty solid Anti-Hero who is willing to what it takes to find Mi-jin and you soon find yourself rooting for him. He is not the most pleasant person and does not treat his girls but he is a major step  up the morality latter than the antagonist of the film.

Our villain is Je Yeong-min played by Ha Jung-woo a character that oozes with many forms of vileness I guess it helps that he was based off of a real person. Jung-woo really does an amazing job of making this character both convincing and at the same time downright scary without having to go over the top. This is strengthened by the plot because as we follow Joong-ho on his investigation we get to learn more about Yeong-min and just how twisted this guy really is(I still have goosebumps).

The action sequences especially the chases are quite impressive being both dramatic but while not seeming like they choreographed. Fights are sluggish, brutal, and are devoid of music for the most part which interestingly makes these moments all the more intense. The violence is bloody and unsettling but shows restraint without having to go into "Hostel" territory to freak its audience out.

The movie is pretty long going on for a good two hours so get comfy if you plan on watching it from beginning to end.

The Chaser was well received especially in its home country winning numerous awards and was the third most popular film is South Korea. In the same year Warner Bros bought the rights to The Chaser for $1 million for an international remake with the script being handled by William Monahan who planned on casting Leonardo DiCaprio. However nothing has been set in stone since then so no one knows when or if this remake will ever happen.

 I personally recommend this movie. People who enjoy thrillers and detective stories will get a get kick out of this movie as well as fans of Asian Cinema. You can find this movie on DVD and its streaming on Netflix so check it out folks it will leave you catching your breath by the end!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Coming Soon

Note: I do not own the image or the video you see here.  I am simply sharing please support the official release!

Coming this friday to a theater near you is ParaNorman the new feature film from the guys who brought you Coraline. Its the story about a boy named Norman Babcock who must save his town from a witch's curse as he deals with zombies, spirits, and the idiot adults. Heres the trailer below!

Sounds like my kind of movie! (⌒▽⌒)

Paranorman will be released in theaters August 17,2012.

Back In Time Adventures With Reeler: ChalkZone Review

     Oh yeah I remember this one. So its the early 2000s and many of the more well known cartoons from  Nickelodeon like Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Angry Beavers, and Wild Thornberrys have either ran their course or have been taken off the air. Some new shows were put up to bring something fresh to the channel but didn't last very long while others were quite successful. ChalkZone falls in between these.

      Its the story about a young boy named Rudy Tabootie who obtains a magic piece of chalk with the power to open portals on chalkboards to world where everything that was erased now exist from characters, items, to full landscapes. Along with his best friend Penny they join his pal Snap who he drew as a child on a series of strange and wild adventures in this magical world.

     The series is pretty standard in its formula with a different story each episode so there is no main plot to follow so you wouldn't have had to watch this in any sort of order. The characters(at least in my opinion) are pretty standard; Rudy is your typical Nice Guy protagonist who always tries to the right thing, Penny is the brains of the three and the voice of reason, and Snap is the Plucky Sidekick/Comic Relief.

      One thing that's is unfortunately common in just about every episode is a short one to two minute music video and they hurt! Even for songs meant for kids they are simply awful and are a pain in ass to sit through actually now that I think about it all the songs are like this! The lyrics lack any sort of creativity and are really really repetitive! However since this is a kids show meant for younger children I'll cut it some slack but to put simply kids may get something out of watching it but adults should steer clear away from this one.

     It was met with some mixed reviews some of which were undeserving in just scathing they were. It could be that most of these reviews were from people who seem to forget the show's target audience but then again maybe some of these were by kids who saw the series and truly did not like it. Heh who knows. ヽ(´ー`)┌

ChalkZone had a pretty decent run while its was on the air lasting for four seasons with a total of 42 episodes. Two of these were never aired since the show's cancellation on August 23,2008 and from what I found out if the sources were reliable that one of them was to be the series finale.

      So in the end ChalkZone was a series with a clever concept that nearly finished it run only to trip over a snail and split it's head open.

So folks that's the end of this review remember  to stay tuned for future reviews and if you have any comments or questions put in the Comments Section below this article. See you next time!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Recent News and Updates

Hey everyone Reeler here! So I got a few things to inform you all on today.

First off my computer is being a real pain in the ass. Its due for a new battery and my Internet sometimes gives me a hard time so it may at times take a bit for a new post to come out until I resolve this. As you can see its kinda of driving me up a wall...

Second I have several new reviews that I have plan on doing in addition to a new "Back In Time Adventure" so stay tuned for those.  I also got something very special and random planned in the "Future".( ̄ー ̄)

Lastly I am still working on a rating system but if all else fails I will simply stick to scoring movies and shows on a basic scale of 1 to 10.

That is everything that's going on as of now but I will sure to post up anything else that comes up and I will see you folks on the next review! (^_^)/

P.S: I do not own the image above but its pretty damn awesome don't you think?

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Something Random With Reeler

Did You Know?
Despite being a box office bomb making only 3,562,749 dollars of its 32 million dollar budget 1997's Cats Don't Dance was the very first non-Disney animated film to ever win the Best Animated Feature award at 1997 Annie Awards. To topple a giant like Disney and win such a award is a major accomplishment.

Godzilla 1998

Note: I do not own Godzilla, the character, or the images you see here. All these belong to their respective owners. I do however own this article and review.

Hey there I got a question for you! What do you get when you take 130 million dollars, Matthew Broderick, Ronald Emmerich and Dean Devlin, One of Japan’s most famous icons, tons of rain and New York City? You get this nice steaming pile of mutant iguana dung titled Godzilla.

     Yes in the late 90s Hollywood had decided it was time to bring the King of monsters to U.S. theaters and this time instead of a guy in a suit they would bring the big radioactive beastie to life using state of the art visual effects so of course when many of us heard this the hype was up. I was about six or seven years old when I got news of this and I almost fainted dead at the spot because in my younger years I was Godzilla crazy collecting figurines and watching every single film I could get my hands on so I was counting the days off till the film’s release date.
During that wait I began to notice the massive marketing campaign for the movie and wow were they building this thing up I mean it was all over the place. The makers of the film gave us small hints of what Godzilla would look like. For example there were buses with signs saying “His foot is as long as this bus” or billboards to show how big his head was.
     Not only was this marketing on the streets but it was all over the media as well. Taco Bell help promote the film by teaming up its mascot the Taco Bell Chihuahua with Godzilla in several commercials. Godzilla had also showed up in a few commercials for Doritos. However it was a teaser trailer with Godzilla stomping through the roof of a museum that started to give me a bad feeling about the movie because the creatures foot looked more like the foot of a T-Rex or some other carnivorous dinosaur. Actually the more hints they gave us more apparent it was that the monster that we would see was not the Godzilla we knew at all. I remember one time when I bought a pair of Godzilla licensed sneakers and noticed the small black logo of the monsters head and that’s when I knew we were in for a real world of hurt. Despite my worries I tried to remain positive as I went into the theater with my family. I sat down front row with popcorn in one hand and fingers crossed in the other as the movie began.

Childhood Crushed Under Foot
     How did it go? You ask well if you recall my early comment that should be enough of an answer. Despite being a commercial success Godzilla was met with a storm of outrage from G-fans(Godzilla fans) and movie goers alike receiving a lot of negative reception and even “winning” a Golden Raspberry award for Worst sequel/remake. Suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma who portrayed Godzilla from 1984 to 1995 walked out on a screening in Tokyo quoting “Its not Godzilla its does not have the spirit”. The monster in the movie received a lot of backlash being titled GINO(Godzilla in name only) a nickname that is still used today. Where the movie was a slap in the face for some for me it felt like some gorilla used me to play whack-a-mole. I couldn’t believe what I had just saw but as I would soon learn growing up Hollywood has a nasty habit of taking things from our childhood and smashing them into tiny fragments even too small for amoebas.

    What went wrong? How did we end up with this nasty black stain on Big G’s resume? Well lets take a look back shall we?

The Film That Was Never Made
     Before Emmerich and Devlin got there hands on the rights, The remake of Godzilla was originally going to be directed by Jan De Bont from a screenplay that was written by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio while the special effects would be handled by Stan Winston’s Digital Domain and had designed many of the monsters for the project. That’s right Stan Winston the man who had brought to life such famous creatures like the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park and the Alien Queen from Aliens.
The original story would have Godzilla duke it out with a nasty alien fiend called the Gryphon and it minions. I had heard however that Toho had told Tristar that they were not allowed to create any of their own monsters and if Godzilla was to fight a monster it would be one of their own creations and offered two of their more well known kaijus Mothra, and King Ghidorah but the rights were too expensive. Whether this completely true or not is unknown but regardless by the end of everything Godzilla would be going solo for this film.
     It all sounded awesome too but then when things were looking up a problem arose. Sony who had secured the rights to Godzilla panicked when they saw 120 million dollar budget for the movie and sent new restrictions for the budget to De Bont who refused to follow them. Despite the progress made in preproduction the movie was dropped.
     Enter Devlin and Emmerich who were asked by Sony to direct Godzilla due to the success of their alien invasion flick Independence Day. They agreed but on the condition they can do the film the way they want to. This should have been a red light for Sony but unfortunately they green lighted it. Emmerich practically scrapped Godzilla removing anything that made him an icon, his origins, design, and what he represented and instead created a completely new monster that didn’t even resemble the King of Monsters in the slightest.

The Final Product    
     When the movie starts the first thing we see is old footage of nuclear testing and the national anthem of France playing in the background along with scenes of lizards like marine iguana and monitor lizards(Never a good sign) and ends with an egg hatching. We cut to a Japanese fishing boat that's is brutally torn apart in the middle of violent storm which I'll admit was pretty cool but in effect got my hopes up. The next thing we see is one of the many mistake that this movie made is the form of actor Matthew Broderick who is one of the worst actors in this fucking flick who plays a NCR scientist with a fetish for radiated worms. Right away from the moment he shows up on screen its apparent he is our protagonist(Life's a bitch). He is recruited by the military to help in an emergency situation involving the attack on the Japanese ship we saw earlier. Also while the investigation is going on a Frenchman played by Jean Reno questions the lone survivor(There's always is one) and all he can get out of the guy is "Gojra". Broderick figures out that what they are dealing with is no ordinary being but an entirely new species created by the nuclear testing done by the French.
     Upon this revelation we fade to New York City the main setting of the movie yeah I bet you thought it was going to be Japan didn't you? While we are on the subject of New York one thing viewers will notice right away is how often it rains in this movie well get use to it because its here to stay from beginning to end. Its here in the Big Apple that we are introduced to several more characters: Victor a cameraman with a phony ass Italian accent(At least I think its Italian) played by Hank Azaria, his wife Lucy played by Arabella Field who does nothing, Audrey the love interest of our protagonist played by Maria Pitillo, Mayor Ebert played Michael Lerner and his aid Gene played by Lorry Goldman. The first thing I'm going to say about the cast is that these characters are awful. They are either stereotypes, idiots, or jerkasses(Some are all three). Matthew Broderick is bad I mean really bad like the guy has never heard the term emote before. But the worst offender of all them is Maria Pitillo who is painful to watch every time she has a scene which is often. Her performance is so ungodly retched that she was awarded "Worst Supporting Actress" in the 19th Golden Razzie Awards. Also the character of the mayor and his assistant were an obvious  and poor attempt at a "take that" towards film critics Siskel and Ebert who had given some negative reviews on his previous films.
     The next couple of scenes are mostly pointless dialogue and "character development" until we reach the very scene that got people pumped for this movie in the first place-The Fishing Scene. Here we see some old guy trying to catch some fish but instead snags the overgrown lizard as it begins rampage through New York. We don't see much of "Godzilla" except shots of his feet crushing cars while at the same time amazingly not stepping on a single civilian. The effects for the monster(Mostly the CGI) look like shit and it becomes obvious that the rain is used to cover the many flaws. Also while on that note most of the time when we "Godzilla" its at night which along with the downpour adds to the illusion but in the end made the creature look all the more generic. Imagine a over sized love child of an iguana and a t-rex and boom this is the result.
     So most of the movie is the military along with Broderick trying to lure the mutant iguana out into the open so they can reduce him to a bloody piles of swiss cheese all which fail miserably. However our nerdy hero does find a bit of blood which he examines leading to the major bullshit plot twist that reveals that "Godzilla" is pregnant. At first I thought "Holy hell there are two of them?!? Awesome!" but that quickly changed when it turns out that the monster reproduces asexually.
     So Broderick tries to convince the military to search for the eggs but things go south when his bitch of a love interest shows classified information on the news from a video she stole which cause our hero to be removed from the operation. However while taking a cab to get home his taxi decides to take a different root and brings him to a warehouse revealing himself to be Jean Reno who says he believes his theory about the egg that he is part of a special task force sent by France to undo the damage they caused from their nuclear testing. Reno, Broderick, and several monster munchies go to find the eggs which they believe are somewhere in subway which have been damaged by "Godzilla" tunneling around. Following close behind is our dumb blond reporter and the cameraman because she wants to help prove Broderick's theory as a way to make it to up to him for what she did.
     Eventually the team finds the eggs in the ruins of Madison Square Garden lots and lots of eggs but as they try to destroy the nest the eggs conveniently start hatching. The babies believing the cast to be food start going after them killing most of Frenchmen. These critters while having some resemblance to their father/mother look a lot like the raptors from Jurassic Park hell every damn scene with them feels like a damn copy of that very famous moment where the dinos start chasing the kids through the building.
     The group takes shelter in the broadcast booth conveniently and Audrey and camera dude use the equipment to reveal their discovery to the world and tell the military to bomb the area before the creatures escape. Our heroes like in every action movie get out of the blast radius just in time and the offspring are annihilated. Unfortunately "Godzilla" shows up and tries to chomp the cast. This leads to the most bullshit and anticlimactic death of any giant monster. The dumb lizard chases them across the Brooklyn bridge and ends up tangled in the cables leads him to being curb stomped by some jets and goes down for good. So everyone celebrates, Broderick and his girl get back together, and Jean Reno leaves having completed his mission. The last shot is a surviving egg hatching leaving it open for a sequel that we are all thankfully spared of. The End.

     This movie sucks hard and deserved it award for "Worst Remake or Sequel" during the Golden Razzies. This not a Godzilla movie! The name was just slapped on to bring more people to sucker more people into seeing it and you want to know the sad part? It worked! Godzilla 1998 made 379 million dollars of it 130 million budget so despite the outrage of audiences Emmerich was laughing his way to the bank. On a positive note the movie spawned a TV series which was much better received not only in the states but also in Japan as well. The monster is not only more badass even using the atomic ray that was absent in the movie and includes other terrifying creatures that he has to tangle with. There are still some scars though like in Godzilla Final Wars the King Of Monsters fights the impostor and beats him in less than 4 seconds.
    Do I recommend this movie at all? My answer is simply this...

So until next everyone stay tuned for future reviews on A Reeler Movie Review! (^_^)/

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A Lost and Forgotten Series #3

Oh goody a show of nothing but 22 minutes of poop jokes and every bodily fluid imaginable. Today's subject is the grossout cartoon Mega babies that was first aired in 1999 which told of the wacky and disgusting adventures of three superpowered babies. From first glance one can easily tell this show as trying to be shocking and daring at least for a kid show but instead came off as childish and nasty using toilet humor as the main basis for the series. That's really all there is to this show nothing else! Very young children would get a kick out of it but anyone above(especially adults) would be in horrible agony after two episodes its that dumb.

I remember when I was a little guy and I once got a hold of the official computer game and I was less than pleased by what I saw. It was not the graphics those were actually very decent but it was more of the fact that I was a mutant baby going around obliterating aliens and mechs with snot. I lost interest soon and went back into the comforting arms of my Nintendo.

I surfed the web to see what others thought of the cartoon and I came up with very little. On IMDb the show had a low score(As of now) 3.7 from a mere 87 users and two reviews. TV.Com was just the same with only four reviews some which were surprisingly positive. Others sources had very little to no feedback. The show's wiki page was pretty much skins and bones and some my search results were for a baby furniture store with the very same name.

What I found astounding about this barf bag was how many seasons it had. From 1999 to 2001 Mega Babies ran for 4 whole seasons before being finally canned. Even though it lasted longer than any other series I have done on "Lost and Forgotten" it never found its way to DVD although I did find a couple of VHS tapes on Amazon with seemingly no takers. However I found a bunch of episodes on YouTube that have been on that site for a couple of years now.

So we come to the close of yet another Lost and Forgotten Series I hope you all enjoyed today's article and will join me next time as we dig up more buried gold coins and turds from the sands of time. This is Reeler signing out!