Tuesday, May 21, 2013


     You know I've always wondered what goes on inside the head of Stephen King. Does he dream the stories he writes, is he inspired by the world around him, or does he just get so fucking hammered that he lets his hand do all the work so by the time he comes to he has an entire book finished which is pretty obvious with today's topic "Cujo".
     Written in 1983 Cujo tells the story of a mother and her son who become trapped on an isolated farm while being terrorized by a rabid Saint Bernard. I remember reading the book sometime ago and by the end of it my feelings were mixed. On one hand I thought it was a great psychological thriller with some great suspense. But on the other there were a few problems with it the most glaring being the side plots that take up a majority of the story and act a pretty much filler before the dog starts chowing down on folks. I guess that's to be expected when its own writer doesn't even recall writing it.
     Later maybe a month or so after reading it I decided to look at the film adaptation from 1983 starring Dee Wallace and was directed by Lewis Teague who directed Alligator and would later go on to direct Cat's Eye in 1985. Overall I thought it was a pretty damn good movie. Don't get me wrong now its nowhere near perfect and it does have it fair share of problems but it tries to do right it does right.
     The starts off strong with a cool title which is a swirling crimson mist and haunting foreboding music playing in the background pretty much telling us what we are in for. In the first 10-15 minutes the film quickly establishes who the characters are and the danger that lies ahead of them. The side plots like the affair and the cereal incident are still in the story but they are not dragged out like they are in the novel as they are quickly explained and their impact on the plot is made clear without dilly-dallying. That's one of the strengths of this movie it paces itself well and keeps everything flowing.

     Most of the acting is solid as well especially from our leading lady Wallace who plays the poor unfortunate mother and I must say she gives a stellar performance as does the little kid played by Danny Pintauro. You actually believe they were actually faced with a life and death struggle.
     The scenes with Cujo vary from being suspenseful to plain silly in my opinion I guess it comes with the territory of having your titular villain being a Saint Bernard. According to what I was able to find out about the film a number scenes had Cujo being played by a Rottweiler because the Saint Bernard they had playing him wouldn't stop wagging his tail. A number of scenes seem like he just wants to play rather than wanting to tear your balls off.
     If I was to recommend the film or the book usually in most cases I would suggest you read the book but this time around I'd say check out the movie instead just because its just better paced then the novel plus it actually a fun film to sit through too so check it out when you have the chance!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

RIP Ray Harryhausen


"So our films had a lot more to them than entertainment value, and I'm glad a lot more people recognize that now..."

    Today on May 7,2013 we say goodbye to a legend. Stop-motion and special effects expert Ray Harryhausen died at the age of 92 in London. A master of his craft he brought to life many memorable characters and creatures in films like the 7th Voyage of Sinbad, Clash of the Titans, and Jason and the Argonauts. He won countless awards and inspired generations of filmmakers including notable figures such as Tim Burton and James Cameron.

He had a huge impact on me during my childhood. I remember repeatedly watching his films whenever I could. I'd cheer during the flight of Pegasus, shiver during Perseus's battle with the gorgon Medusa, stared in awe at the titanic struggle between the cyclops and the dragon, and found myself on the edge of my seat during the climatic battle between Jason and the army of skeletons.

  The famous lassoing scene from The Valley Of Gwangi
    I'd remember how I would pretend I was on epic journey into forbidden lands fighting monsters and discovering untold wonders. I was certainly a colorful child back then and that hasn't changed much.
    Where my avatar came from and I'll shall keep as it is in his memory.
   His films helped inspire my imagination and my love for films and I only wished I could have been lucky enough to meet him so I could thank him so I will say it now.

Thank you Ray for everything. We'll miss you.

This is Reeler signing off.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Shingeki No Kyogin(Attack On Titan)

     Hey everyone Reeler here back from a long extended break and when I mean break I mean an ass load of school work and my computer dying for the last time. Thankfully this semester is at its end and I have a new laptop that I can abuse the hell out of.

     Anyways I wanted to share with you all a awesome anime series that I have been following. Shingeki No Kyogin or in the English translation "Attack On Titan". Based on the sleeper hit manga by Hajime Isayama which tells the story an alternate earth in which mankind has nearly been wiped out by humanoid abominations called Titans who seem to find humans to be rather tasty and to protect the remnants of their society walled themselves in a massive city. For a 100 years everyone kicked back and relaxed feeling that the horrors of the past were behind them but that all goes south when a massive skinless Titan appears and smashes a hole through their first wall and shit gets messed up. From here its a brutal struggle between man and monster as man must reclaim the world stolen from them or die trying.

    I'm not going to give much away but I can say this: WATCH THIS ANIME! I'm serious you folks have to check this out! Its amazing maybe the best anime released this year. Not only is the premise awesome and fresh but its visually striking and brutal hitting its viewers in the gut with terror and horror while also keeping them on the edge of their seats. The characters are interesting as well as the mystery surrounding the Titans which I can promise you will keep you guessing throughout.

   You need more convincing? Well check out the opening below then.

      Cool huh? My jaw dropped right to the foundation of my house when I saw this and trust me it only gets better from here and its not to late to tune in. The real fun is just getting started so what are you waiting for? Go see it! Spread the word! This anime needs to be seen! The manga must be read. This is a gem in Japanese animation and story telling that need more love.

     I may do a more in depth review down the road but for now I'm gonna sit back with a cold beer and watch the carnage. I'll be back in a bit with more articles after I finish my finals so until next time everyone!