Sunday, June 16, 2013

Harbinger Down: New Practical Effects Monster Flick!

    Hey folks what's up? Well I got some news for you all there is a new creature feature in the works titled Harbinger Down. This one is a bit different since it is not really a Hollywood picture but an independent project from Amalgamated Dynamics. Who are they? They are an special effects studio known for their work on such films like Starship Troopers, Tremors, and the Alien films. So in short these guys specialize in the creation of monsters. Sometime ago the studio decided to create it own horror film using nothing but practical effects to bring their star beasties to life they even make that clear as they are calling it a Practical Effects Film. The studio even asked fans for help in funding it raising 384,181 dollars which they will use in addition to their own budget to make the movie.

From what I can tell from the synopsis and some of the footage I've have seen its pretty much The Thing but with its own twist. That worries me a little because anyone film maker or movie goer should realize that special effects alone regardless if they are practical or CGI but maybe I'm wrong and that there is a lot more to this movie than I know(Maybe).

Lance Henrikson will be staring in this upcoming goo fest and while I think is an awesome actor I wonder if he can carry the film if the plot fails to do so. Aside from him there doesn't seem to be any other recognizable faces which probably means that the rest of the cast are fresh meats so it makes me wonder how the characters will turn out but the 1982 remake of  The Thing was made up a number of no-names yet the movie turned out to be amazing in the end so we could be in for a surprise.

The film is not only being made for entertainment but to also show that practical effects are still convincing and impressive in this era where the computer has become new molder of worlds and characters as opposed to human hands but that's not to say that the big bad dark cloud of CGI is trying to replace it although it could happen but from my experience I have seen films where both of these techniques worked well together so there is room for both in the future but only if practical effects can keep up especially with the ever growing demands of the average moviegoer and critics.

With those things said I am personally looking forward to Harbinger Down while I am not expecting anything ground breaking but I'm sure that the folks working on this picture will do their best to create a fun and spine tingling romp. So ladies and gentlemen keep and eye out for Harbinger Down Thawing Soon-No seriously that's an actual caption look at the bottom of the poster!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Johnny Test

What has happened to Cartoon Network? No seriously what the fuck happened? This channel had some great shows back in the day but now I just don't get it. If you grew up in the 90s I'm sure you have either seen "Courage the Cowardly Dog", "Power Puff Girls", "Johnny Bravo", or "Dexter's Laboratory". Today now the channel is a mixed bag of M&M and rabbit turds take a nice guess what I pulled out of the bag today...

Johnny Test is an animated series that first aired in September 17,2005 on Kids WB and ran for three or so years before the channel rolled over and died. At first it looked it was the end for Johnny Test but then to the surprise of us all it came back...

To best describe Johnny Test is pretty much Dexter's Laboratory if the roles were switched around only with annoying sibling getting a talking dog sidekick and that pretty much the gist of things.
 There isn't much that the show offers the audience in terms of creativity or even originality with a lot of over used and cliché plotlines that you would usually see in other shows.

In addition to it to its poor writing the show is butt ugly to look at since its put together through Adobe Flash and since it so cheap to make an episode through this program the creators are able to put out episode after episode after episode of this crap. Not mention the show loves reusing the same sound effects one in particular is the whip sound which occurs whenever someone so much as lifts their arms along with the constant shouting and screaming in this fucking cartoon my god no one in this cast has an indoor voice!

But the worst part of this show are the characters never before in all my years have I encountered such a annoying bunch of asswipes in a cartoon the biggest offender being our main character who is so obnoxious that I would like to boil him alive before serving his buttered slavered corpse to a group of hungry lobsters before turning his bones into a rocking chair and then selling it at a yard sail for five bucks(That's is pushing it maybe two).

This is not the sort of show that fun to watch or even tolerable to sit through hell its not even to make fun of! This is an awful and embarrassing piece of animation and I would advise folks to stay far away from this pile of garbage.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash Game Madness: Rebuild 2

It has been awhile since I have done one of these so welcome to another little moment of Flash Game Madness where we look at the best and worst flash games of the world wide web.

The Zombie craze while slowed down is still there. There has been no shortage of movies, and games involving these brainless flesh eaters heck there are whole sites dedicated to them. Rebuild 2 along many others is an offspring of the fandom and a sequel to a previous game of the same name. The plot of this flash game revolves around a group of survivors trying to reclaim their city from the hordes of undead while trying to survive in this cruel new world.

When they game starts you are given a basic setup of a police station, an apartment building, a house, and a farm along with some survivors. The objective of the game is to simply survive. You need to reclaim a number of buildings before you can make the final push for the last fight while at the same time keeping your survivors safe and happy.

The game involves a lot of strategy and planning otherwise your poor survivors are going to end up in shallows graves or chewed up by the endless hordes of walking corpses.

1) There are five types of survivors: The Negotiator, The Scavenger, The Soldier/Fighter, The Engineer/Builder, and The Scientist. Each of them are useful for a specific task like the Scavenger can find more food and has a better chance of picking up new gear but they are not restricted at that one talent since you can train them to learn something else by retaking Schools.

2) The buildings also have their specific functions like the school. For example Hospitals help house your sick and injured until they are fully rested instead of just dumping them into a hole and throwing dirt on them while a Factory allows you research new technologies(Note you need scientists).

3) While fighting off hordes of zombies you need to gather food to keep everyone fed and happy otherwise folks will get angry and impatient with you or drop dead from starvation. You can avoid this by also retaking bars and churches.

The most challenging parts of this game are the Hordes that will once in awhile attack your fort and if your defenses are not high enough you may loose a building and a survivor or two which can be fucking frustrating if you are trying t focus you efforts on gathering food and research. Also there is this asshole group of enemy survivors called the Last Judgement gang that seem to have nothing better to do but to attack you and steal your food the fucking trolls.

Game is pretty fun and its good for a couple of replays but it can get a bit tedious since the gameplay is pretty much the same throughout without any interesting twist to surprise you but that's not really a bad thing though and I have heard rumors that there maybe a third game coming out but Northway Games who created the series have not confirmed this so we will just have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for future reviews and articles so until then everyone take care! :)