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      Exploring the Internet(to me at least)  is like opening random treasure chests. Sometimes you'll finding something cool, sometimes you'll find something bad or worse shit, and other times you'll come across a rare gem. DreamKeepers is one example of a bright rare gem. An independent graphic novel series produced David and Liz Lillie which tells the epic tale of a dream world besieged by an ancient evil and yes it starts anthropomorphic creatures.

     At first I was going to avoid it since my past experiences with anything involving furries in it have been less than appealing. But my curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to read the first volume and give it a chance. I have to say that by the end of it I was quite impressed by what I saw. Soon after I jumped into the second one and now I'm completely hooked.

      There are a lot of good things to say about DreamKeepers the most obvious been the art. These novels are simply gorgeous with excellent detail and vibrant colors on every page. You can tell that the creators are very talented able to create images that are beautiful, humorous, and at times terrifying.

       But a comic cant stand on its own just by looking pretty so how is the writing? Good actually I have yet to find a piece of dialogue or a description that felt cliché or forced. Not only that but everyone thus this far has been really thought out down to the last detail creating a unique world filled with a lot of history that one can actually read on the main site explaining how certain events affected what is currently happening in the main storyline. This also includes some of  technology and a map of the world itself(Well the main city actually but still). After two volumes I have no idea what direction David and Liz are going with this and that's a good thing too because you don't want your story to be easy to predict.

         The characters are a lot of fun and unique from the mischievous orphan Mace and his little pal Whip to the brainy yet determined Lilith to the awesome and very snarky Namah who had quickly become a fan favorite and after you spend some time with her you'll figure out pretty quickly why.

      Dreamkeepers is a whole mix of different genres: Fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance, drama, science-fiction, horror, and a bit of steam punk as well. Despite how cute everything looks I should warn you that this is NOT something for kids as this series can get dark. An example? The whole things kicks off with a nasty virgin sacrifice(No I'm not joking). This is a series that makes it clear(as do the authors) that no one is safe and that if someone dies they stay dead. There is also another reason why this isn't suitable for kids but I'll get to that in a moment.


       So DreamKeepers seems pretty cool so far having great art, solid writing, and is both exciting and funny but there are few beefs that I have with it and they are as followed below.

1) Fanservice: Yep there is TNA in this and not of the human variety either. Its not on every page and is in no way a key element in this series but when its there it can get weird. Just a fair warning if the character Tinsel appears in any chapter then expect some boobage....

2) Bast: There is almost always at least one character that gets on the reader's nerves and for me its this butthole. He is suppose to be the quite brooding member of the main cast who has a dark and tragic past but to me that just screams EMO!!! While its true that this character type can be interesting if written well enough other times I find myself rolling my eyes. It doesn't help that the other characters are so much more interesting. Oh well I guess every party needs a pooper.

     Those are my only complaints so far and maybe its just due to taste and really just nitpicks plus I have yet to read volume 3 and volume 4 has yet to be released so we'll see.

      Overall DreamKeepers is a solid graphic novel series that I really hope get more attention and if you can get past the fact that its filled with furries and the odd moments of fanservice then I think you'll really enjoy it. Both volumes 1 and 2 are free to read on the main site and as soon 4 comes out so will volume 3.

Here is the link to the mainsite

     Also definitely take a look a the prequel comics that follow the main characters before the main events. They don't have much in the way of clues or hints when it comes down to the plot but it gives you a lot of insight into who the characters are.


And so ends another review. Thank you for reading and feels free to share your opinions on the topic in the comments section below the article. Also stay tuned for future articles and episodes of the Dark Discussions Podcast here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer.

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