Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Monsters

      Hello boys and girls its getting close to Halloween so I thought I do a quick count down list for today's article. Here below are my Top 10 Favorite Monsters of all time! So lets not waste anytime and get right into it!

Number 10
The Blob(Both films)
Starting off the list is everyone's favorite killer pile of acidic strawberry jelly: The Blob! First making its appearance back in 1958 and remerging in the 1988 remake this gooey terror made a meal out of everything caught in its path. This thing was freaky as well because not only did it guarantee a slow and horrible death by digestion but it could slip into any small crack or hole making it damn near impossible to escape it.

Number 9
Gwoemul(The Host 2006)
Swinging in on number 9 is the freaky tadpole monster from the 2006 South Korean horror film the Host(The Good One!). I love the monster's design as well as how it moves as it uses its tale to swing around like some kind of evil fish monkey. It may not look stellar due to the CGI being used but I can forgive that considering how fresh to see such an original monster gracing the silver screen. I cant wait to see its upcoming sequel which hopefully will just as awesome(or maybe even better) than its predecessor.

Number 8
Snagging its spot at number 8 are the Graboids from the Tremors franchise. These giant worms will make one want to keep both of their feet off the ground as they terrorize Nevada eating sheep and trying to get a piece of Bacon(Please get the joke! :3).  The success of the first film spawned several sequels as well as a short lived TV series and is still regarded as a cult classic film. Hopefully down the line a new Tremors film will burrow its way to the surface that is filmed to "Perfection"(Also another inside joke).

Number 7
Pyramid Head(Silent Hill Franchise)
Who says that this list can only have monster from movies? At the lucky number 7 is Pyramid Head of the Silent Hill franchise. I was amazed to see how popular this guy got with the fans. He is practically the series cash cow because he had started showing up in a number of sequels as well spawning a number clones like the Butcher(Origins) or the Boogyman(Downpour). His design is bizarre complete with the iconic pyramid shaped helmet(although it looks like a right triangle but whatever). This guy is a forced to reckoned with dragging a huge cleaver like blade behind him reading to bring it down on any poor fool who happens to run into him. Also his first appearance in Silent Hill 2 has got to be one of the most fucked up establishing character moments I have ever seen!

Number 6
The Cenobites(Hellraiser Franchise)
Angels to some Demons to others at number 6 are the cenobites of the Hellraiser series. Sweet buttery Jesus are these guys freaky as fuck(just like the films). They are hard to describe in words really but imagine supernatural demonic hedonist with a taste for torture and fine leather. The first film is a classic while the sequels are a rather mixed bag. Regardless the Cenobites are a strange and scarily awesome group of characters who I hope to see in more films down the road.

Number 5
The Alien(Alien 1979)
Bursting out at number 5 is H.Giger's Alien. While its true that there have been many more Xenomorphs terrorizing the silver screen since the debut of Ridley Scott's film but it was this scary bastard that really stood out for me. The creature first reveal was truly unsettling and the fact that they only should a little of it at a time made it all the more terrifying whenever it showed up on screen to snatch up another hapless space trucker.

Number 4The Thing(1981 Remake)
Man is the warmest place to hide. At number 4 is mean ugly shape-shifting beastie from John Carpenter's horror film The Thing. I loved this movie and it titular creature as each form it took was unique and memorable using incredible special effects to bring them to life. Nothing is more terrifying than an enemy that could be anyone or anything especially in an isolated location such as Antarctica. If I had personal favorite out of all of these things(pun intended) it would be the Kennel Thing(pictured above) which was created by Stan Winston Studios.
Number 3
No one should be surprised that he is on this list. Stomping into third place on the count down is the almighty King of Monsters himself: Godzilla. Big G here has been a huge source of nostalgia for me. I remember my first Godzilla film being 'Godzilla vs. Megalon' and while it wasn't the best place to start I found myself hooked and seeked out as many movies that I could find. I loved the monsters, the cheesy acting, WWE style fight scenes, and over the top special effects . Godzilla was a big influence on my childhood and I'll always be grateful to the radioactive dinosaur for that. Here's to you, Godzilla!

Number 2
Medusa(Clash of the Titans 1981)
I love Greek mythology and my favorite part of any of the legends I had read growing up were the fantastical creatures in them one being the tragic Gorgon Medusa. She has had many incarnations in literature and film but a personal favorite of mine was nightmare inducing snake woman in 1981's Clash of the Titans. I talked about her in my review of the film so I wont babble on too much. What really stood out to me about her design was her grotesque serpentine body that she is forced to drag along with her as she crawls around the stone floor which was surprisingly dark and disturbing in a movie that was meant for kids. Her scene with the hero, Perseus was the best part as she stalks him through the dark columns of her lair in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Medusa is one of my favorite monsters created by the late stop motion effects master Ray Harryhausen and while he may have passed away what he left behind will live on to leave audiences in awe.

Number 1Pumpkinhead

At number one is the Demon of Vengeance, Pumpkinhead. I am not surprised that I placed this character at the peak of this list because while he is not as well known or as popular as other famous monsters he(like the other monsters) played a major role in my life. Pumpkinhead was the very first horror movie I ever watched. I remember I was around seven or eight years of age when I first watched it and recalled popping my video copy of the film into my VCR(probably drove my folks crazy) whenever I got the chance. I loved the creature's amazing design as well as the movie's fantastic atmosphere and it quickly became an all time favorite and its because of Pumpkinhead that I got into horror movies in the first place and hell its part of the reason why I started this blog. Its great the character is getting more recognized by the horror community as of late along with its film which definitely needs more love and is a high recommend from me.
Well that is the end of this article thanks for reading and please stay tuned for future reviews and episodes of the Dark Discussions Podcast here on A Reeler Movie Reviewer! Until next time everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dark Discussion Podcast: Deliver Us From Evil

     In this episode we sit down to discuss the 2014 horror film from Scott Derrickson which follows a gruff detective as he tries to uncover the mystery behind a series of bizarre and disturbing occurrences soon coming to the horrible conclusion that dark forces are at work and is forced to team up a hip Spanish priest to solve the case.

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Dark Discussions Podcast: I Saw The Devil

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dark Discussions Podcast: As Above So Below

     In this episode the gang and I take a look the 2014 found footage horror from director John Erick Dowdle in which a group of explorers become lost in the dark catacombs beneath Paris.

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    Enjoy and sorry I haven't posted any reviews recently. I've been a bit busy but I am working on a couple of reviews back to back and I should have them done soon. :)