Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Dark Discussions Podcast: Gantz

     Man was this recording is certainly a blast from the past. Done two years ago this was the first time I had joined the Dark Discussions Podcast. In this episode Phil and I take a look at the franchise Gantz created by Hiroya Oku as we cover the manga, anime, and the live action adaptations.

Link to episode

    Enjoy and please stay tuned for new episodes. Please like us on Facebook and visit our main site which access through the link to this episode. Until next time!!!

New Harbinger Down Trailer and Release Date!


    Hey folks its me! So I got some news to share. We got an official international trailer for the upcoming practical effects monster flick: Harbinger Down as well as an release date. The movie will be coming out in theaters and VOD on August 7th. Furthermore the film will be getting a DVD release on September 1st.


     I cannot wait to finally see this film after waiting so long and I will try to keep everyone posted on any further news along the way. Until next time!