Sunday, August 16, 2015

Strange Places on the Internet

     Almost every time on an episode of the Dark Discussions Podcast one of the many things I would mentioned during my mentioning of this blog and what I did on it was "everything awesome and awful on the internet" and to be honest that is only half true. I did cover a few flash games here and there and talked about rule 34 one of the many rules of the web which states "If it exists there is porn of it" but aside from those few things I didn't do as many articles on such subjects as I wanted to.  So I decided for this article I would talk about some of the places on the web that I had visited both the past and presents and since clicking on the their links have left impressions engraved in my mind and my hard drive.

1) Rule 34: I'm going to be brief about this one since I did an entire article on the subject a while back. There is an practically irrefutable rule within the internet: "If it exists there is porn of it - No exceptions". Honestly if you want to disprove this all powerful law of the web be my guest there is a site for it that is full of "goodies" waiting for you but just remember when you stare into the abyss it stares right back at you.

2) IMDB(Internet Movie Database): Yes I am counting this place. Aside from some useful bits of information one can get about a certain film or TV show this site can be a complete madhouse. The threads are often filled with some of the most obnoxious morons and trolls and many posted topics devolve into hilarious flame wars. Honestly any time I go there I struggle to not scroll to low on a page lets my sight fall upon another beacon of stupidity. This was also the subject for a article I wrote for this blog in the past which I'm sure you can find if you dig around a bit. In all seriousness though find out the name of that actor who played the hotdog vendor in that one movie you liked and get the hell out fast!

3) Deviantart: While there is some bang up good work in this site it also has its share of weirdness with a dab of creepy. Among many categories you may search there is the chance of finding an obscure connection. What do I mean? Well for example try searching for a character you like from a form of media you know of and chances are he/she/it has gotten fetishized in some art work whether its nudity, foot fetishes, inflation, and I'm sure with an actual account a few more doors will be open for you to take a peek in.

4) This site is pretty much a one page gag. Its a looping flash animation featuring the character Orihime from the anime/manga series Bleach where in one episode she twirls around a leek. This image is accompanied by a Finnish folk song called "Ievan Polkka"(Gets stuck in your head btw). This site even has a timer showing how long you have been "spinning".
Here is a link:

5) Feed The Head: I'm more tempted to call this a gag site rather than a game. Its a site where you screw around with an outline of a head and watch as wacky stuff plays out as you play with certain body parts but there doesn't seem to be a goal or an end as it appears to be just an obscure time killer.
Link to Site:

6) Poonis: Some of the most unsettling crap I have ever laid eyes on in terms of animation. Its obvious that this was intentional but that in no way lowers its high creep factor.

    Link to site here:

7) ZOMBOCOM: This site is amazing! Anything is possible at Zombocom! The infinite is possible at Zombocom! This is Zombocom!
Link to the infinite and amazing!:

8) Ducks Are The Best: Similar to "Feed The Head" this is also a gag site just a lot more one note. All you do is move your mouse around and whatever direction you move it in you'll leave a trail of yellow pixelated ducks in your wake as you cover a flashing background.
WARNING: Do not go here if you are bothered by flashing color/images!
Link to Site:

9) Alien A site with services wishing you bring you the experience of an Alien abduction.....there is something for everyone I suppose.
Note: Site is safe for work!
Link to site:

10) Zombie Passions: An actual free functioning dating sites for Zombies and Zombie Lovers.
Link to Site:

11) Snap A bubble wrap popping simulator which to be honest is no where as amusing a popping actual bubble wrap. The magic of such an activity is truly lost here.
Link to site:

12) Staggering Beauty: When you visit this site you will be greet by a very NSFW(Not Safe For Work) black worm with blinking whites eyes and wherever you move your mouse the worm will sway into that same direction. If you wiggle the mouse the worm will do so as well and if you keep doing that you be given a spectacular light show along with a cluster-fuck of noise.
WARNING: If you are susceptible to flashing colors and don't wear head phones either.
Link to site:

     Thank you so much for taking a look at this article I'm sure there will be plenty more these types of lists down the road. Please stay tuned for my review of the third storyline of Fate/stay Night; Heaven's Feel as well as my upcoming lists of strange online games that I have founded and new episodes of the Dark Discussions Podcast. So until next time everyone have a good one!